Wishing Me Well

As I prepared to leave Seattle, time was running out fast and I couldn’t feasibly see everyone I wanted to during that time. I knew this and chose to have some gatherings of friends.

The first gathering was with all the “spiritual” women I have met and who have played some kind of significant role in my life in the time I’ve been in Seattle. I hosted a pot luck which allowed everyone a chance to meet and learn about one another. This was great because I met each of these women through various ways – through Meetup, a raw food class, friends of friends, etc. It was a lot of fun having everyone together who understands the side of me who look at the bigger picture in life. Our gathering that day also helped me to stick with one of the names I came up with for this blog, which is Dreams in the Making. Without the support of these people, I don’t know that I would always be so aware of my dreams, nor would I necessarily follow them. So with that, a thank you to those ladies who attended as we shared joy, happiness, and gratitude for life and the path we’re all on.

The second gathering was a lot of fun too! I was able to reserve a room at Belltown Pub and many attended to wish me well – I felt really honored. I always get so nervous mixing groups of people (especially large ones) together who don’t know one another but it seemed to all work out okay, as it usually always does. 🙂 I am best 1:1 with people and I tend to meet people different ways, and with that I would think it’s safe to say people know different sides of me because of this. I think that’s why I get nervous because I don’t know that all sides of me are fully exposed always, so knowing everyone is together who knows different sides of me seems overwhelming. It’s one of those things – I have nothing to worry about but it still makes me conscious of it. In the end it was a great evening and I was able to see most people I wanted before I left.

Before I left, one other neat thing stuck out to me as a ‘sign’ I’m on the right path…kinda tying together the theme of my time away. I ran across a sign outside the hair salon where I go that simply said, “What’s Your Dream?”

            With that, it made me wonder a lot of things.  What are my dream(s) moving forward? What will the ‘dream’ look like that I’m pursuing in Italy? What will the end result be – will I get everything out of it I am hoping for? Who will I meet? Will I feel comfortable there, or will I wonder why I am doing what I am? With this….I set off to figure it out!

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4 Responses to Wishing Me Well

  1. Stefani says:

    Your Italian adventure reminds me so much of Eat Pray Love (as you know… and I’m sure it reminds everyone else of that as well). So cool! Glad you got a chance to see friends in Seattle before you left. You have a great support network!

  2. Carmen Quall says:

    Dear Friend and beautiful woman…….so sad to have missed you before you left and so very excited for your new adventure. Reading your blog and hearing about your journey is so inspiring! Sending big love and a hug!

  3. Hi there!!!
    Soooo happy to read your blog. I will follow you through your script. I wish you happiness and adventure. Keep smiling as you follow your dream.

  4. Cathy says:

    Hi Melissa!
    Love your blog! What an exciting and brave adventure. I look forward to reading more. The pictures are beautiful!

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