I’m in Heaven!

Wow – that’s what tonight’s dinner left me feeling like! I am absolutely blown away at all the fresh food that is used on a daily basis here! I’m loving it!  Tonight’s meal consisted of:

–       Eggplant parmesan with a tomato/basil sauce made from scratch

–       Pork cutlets (reminded me of chicken parmesan but with pork instead)

–       Arugula and carrots for the salad

–       Bucatini alla Matriciana (pasta with a homemade sauce)

–       Bread

–       Wine

–       Dessert, which was a homemade cake flavored with orange zest topped off with powdered sugar. Very good!

The food was delicious!!! Tonight’s recipes were making eggplant parmesan and Bucatini alla Matriciana. I had no idea what Bucatini was – it’s a type of thick pasta.

Anyway, I’ll just let you drool over it (see pics below). 🙂 I think I could absolutely do this at home – not a problem! The eggplant reminded me a lot of Jeff’s mom’s though this was different somehow.

The best part came at the end when she told me that next time we’ll be making…tiramisu! I love this cook – and I did finally find out her name, which is Alberta. I am soooo looking forward to it! Anyone who really knows me knows that I have found my heaven here.

            Other things about today:

1)    I finally was able to catch the electronics store open! I’ve literally been trying all week only to find them closed when they should be open, etc. For €3.90 I now have a European converter so my computer plug can fit it. It’s really the little things that make a difference! I was so limited without it using my computer sparingly – huge change!

2)    My feet are somewhat swollen. Not sure what’s up with that. It’s probably the weather, which is warm, sunny, and somewhat humid especially in the afternoons.

3)    I have mosquito bites on my feet, my legs, and my arms. At night I sleep with the window wide open (no screen) because there needs to be air circulating. The mosquitos find me and eat me up. Should I spray myself with “Off” insect repellent before bed?

4)     I was surprised to find an Indian restaurant in town. I’ll try it when I’m craving Indian. I didn’t realize they’d have such a thing. That was new for me! There is a Chinese restaurant in town too. I will see what other cuisines I can find as time moves forward.

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7 Responses to I’m in Heaven!

  1. Ajith says:

    This is fantastic!! I am absolutely drooling looking at those pics!! Everything looks so fresh and tasty!! I’m so glad she decided to make one of your favorite dishes today. Plus, I can’t wait to hear more about it when you make tiramisu. I’m also very happy that you are loving these cooking classes.

    About your feet, have you been drinking enough water? May be that’ll help. And, about the mosquitoes – “Off” would not be my first choice. Off has DEET in it, which smells awful and isn’t very healthy. I have a natural insect repellant cream that I could’ve given you – but, didn’t anticipate this problem. Here’s my suggestion – check if they sell a simple mosquito net at the market. It’s usually very cheap and just hangs above your bed. When you go to bed, tuck the loose ends in under the bed and mosquitoes can’t get in.

  2. Stefani says:

    Wow, so they don’t have air conditioning in your apartment? That’s too bad. Yeah… I guess a mosquito net if you can find one would probably be a healthier solution than bug spray. Ajith is right. Off works GREAT but DEET is really poisonous so it’s not something you’d want to be spraying on yourself every single night.

    Looks like the food is awesome! Can’t wait to hear about the tiramisu and see pics of that 🙂

    Sorry to hear about the swollen feet. Sometimes my feet get swollen when I’m especially tired – so it could be the jet lag maybe? I remember when I went to Vegas for work and my feet were really swollen the whole time. I thought it was probably a combination of flying across the country, jet lag (time zone change), and being really tired and being on my feet a lot for work… so maybe it’s a similar combination of things for you. Hope they get back to normal soon!

  3. Giacinta says:

    Melissa! I loved reading all that you shared. Thank you for taking the time and care to write. I look forward to more, dear friend. I hope your weekend is awesome! Much love and hugs. Giacinta xo ❤

  4. Anonymous says:

    Use the OFF spray! All those bites aren’t worth it! Does Alberta cook for you everynight like that? how awesome . …. I hope you are paying attention and learning how to cook these things so you can make them for me!!!! ENJOY, Lucky girl!!!

    • Melissa says:

      Alberta doesn’t cook for me every night because I just go to her for cooking lessons. Otherwise I’m in charge of the cooking in my own place. I am writing down the recipes based on what we did and I’m including pics of the steps. If I can post them to my blog I will, otherwise I’ll make them when I return. 🙂

  5. Sara McArdle says:

    My mouth is watering!!! I agree with the mosquito net idea, if you can find one. 🙂

  6. Jenni says:

    Wow, all of the food so far sounds so good- I’m drooling! Does she make the pasta from scratch? Excellent that you got the adapter and can use your computer!

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