Remembering September 11 Ten Years Later

I figured out the TV the other night! It’s not as intuitive as our TVs in the U.S. but not as bad as the “Grundig” TV Jared and I had in France last year which was ridiculously hard to figure out with 3 buttons – none of which were the power! There is a power button on the TV which needs to be turned on because it’s turning the main supply of power to the TV, though it still doesn’t turn the TV on….you have to use the remote to hit the channel number you want to see, then it turns on. Oh, duh, of course!!!  😉 The power button on the remote turns the TV off. I haven’t been able to figure out how to use the remote to turn channels up or down (I just manually press the number I want) but I guess it doesn’t matter because there are few channels.

The whole reason I wanted to figure out the TV was so I could watch things they’ll have on about remembering September 11. A local station’s TV crew came in the other day to our school wanting to interview Americans about what we remember about that day. Myself and Richard spoke, Pansy didn’t want to. They will use it on a special they’re airing Sun. about it.

I was flipping around trying to find the station it’ll air on but I must not receive that channel. I guess I won’t know what the locals see of me!

Talking about it the other day brought me back to it all. I was in my senior year of college and was waking up for class. When my alarm went off (usually I had the radio playing) I remember hearing the DJ saying, “And miraculously minutes later a second airplane just hit the second tower of the World Trade Center!”  I couldn’t believe what I just heard – in shock – and I remember opening my eyes in panic, wondering if I just heard right. I listened to whatever else he was saying and sprung up out of bed to call my mom to see if she’d heard anything about my cousin Jeff who worked at the World Trade Center. She hadn’t even heard of this happening yet – and she turned on the news also just then. I remember all day we were glued to our TV in the dorm, classes were shut down (though I had a meeting I needed to go to and at the time nobody thought it was a big deal), and our country stopped everything in fear of what would happen next. I remember how odd it was to not have airplanes in the sky for days.

In the end Jeff had been delayed getting to work that day and he was physically okay, though he’d gotten off the subway early not knowing why it stopped before his final destination. While he was on his walk to work he witnessed the second plane crash. I remember being so grateful to know he was alive and physically well – such anticipation waiting to hear all day. I know it’s especially hard for all who were there that day; those who lost loved ones; and for all Americans who were watching anxiously uncertain of what was next. Ten years later, we never forget what it was like that day, and remember all who lost their lives and the heroes who helped with the aftermath.

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One Response to Remembering September 11 Ten Years Later

  1. Stefani says:

    I’m glad you were able to participate in some sort of remembering even though you’re in another country. Pretty neat that you got interviewed!

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