Scent of a Woman, Sight of an American

Yup…those mosquitos know how to sniff one out from far away! It’s been a night of somewhat interrupted sleep with the buzzing of mosquitos in my ear from time to time. I got one of them but the other two (that I’m aware of) got me – one on my stomach of all places. Ugh. Though I appreciated suggestions about a mosquito net, I don’t think that’s the most realistic thing. I can’t even think about how to ask for one, where to find one, and how I’d hang it. I should be using the crème to avoid them yet forget each night. Tonight I’ll try closing the doors completely though it’ll be stuffy in here but I need to be mosquito free for one night at least. Fall is in the air specifically in the mornings because it is getting slightly cooler each day on my walk to school, though the daytime is still hot, blazing, and humid. I get it now why the Spanish take siesta. It is just so hot you can’t do anything! I find myself daily treating myself to lunch out at one of the local cafes because the thought of walking back home in the heat is too much. It’s easier to relax, chat with classmates over lunch right nearby while the heat dissipates a bit.            Remember I mentioned I got interviewed by a local TV station about my recollection of September 11 events? People around town must’ve seen it because I noticed early on Sunday people kept looking at me – a lot. I found out from Pansy, one of the other Americans here, that the little bit we were interviewed was being shown often throughout the day on that local channel. That explained to me why people kept staring all day! I thought it was because I was out for such a length of time in the daylight or something that people were noticing me with my bright hair but really they just recognized me from TV. I don’t know how stars do it – it’s got to be a strange feeling having people looking at every move you make all the time.             Tonight is another cooking class and I know we’ll be making tiramisu! Definitely looking forward to it! Pictures to come of course! I’m really looking forward to it because last night I made dinner for myself. I went to Coop the other night later than I should’ve (after Cortona, and I was tired!) and I couldn’t find quite what I was looking for, and again, settled on a pre-breaded chicken that said it had spinach and mozzarella in it. I thought I’d try it. Um…yeah….was that chicken inside it? It was something processed for sure because the spinach was integrated within the meat already (gross!) and I ended up throwing most of it out after thinking about the fact of what I was eating. I was struggling through and figured it wasn’t worth it. I should know better not to settle in the grocery store at times like that. I should’ve just bought fresh chicken (plain) and figured out something to do with it. Ugh. Needless to say, a fresh meal at someone’s home is welcome at this point.

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