It’s Laundry Time

So, I never did get to doing laundry this past weekend like I thought I would. I have enough clothes with me to last a while but now it’s to the point in need to do it. I just put my first load of laundry in (and hope I did it right) though I must say – it’s a lot different than our washers at home (as you saw from the photos in a previous post). It says the time will take over 2 hours until it’s complete. I’m wondering if it’s got a dryer built in it? I have no idea – I’m just going to see what happens! Let’s hope I put the soap in the right area and that I didn’t screw it up! Ha ha – I’ll report back tomorrow what came of it.

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One Response to It’s Laundry Time

  1. Anonymous says:

    It is with great joy that I read each of your posts! Thanks for taking the time to describe your journey. You make it easy to feel like I am there!! What a wonderful and exciting opportunity for you!! I love that you are immersing in the culture as much as you can…learning it all!! Impressive darling!!
    Know you are loved,
    Rita xoxoxo

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