La Dolce Vita

Wed. I took an excursion with Orezio, Pansy, Richard, and another guy named Carlo to the region of Italy where Chianti is produced. We went to a very small town called Razza, not far from San Giovanni Valdarno.  We visited a “fattoria” called Vigna Vecchia where they produce wine from the vineyard there on site. We had an appointment with Jessica, the winemaker. This winery has been family owned for 4 generations, and though Jessica isn’t part of the family, she’s very proud to work there. The school arranged for our own private wine tasting as well as our own time with Jessica. She talked about the process of making the different types of wine, showed us the equipment, and then took us to the tasting room where they had a beautiful table set up for us to eat and drink. It was fabulous!

Left to Right: Carlo, me, Orezio, Pansy, Jessica (the winemaker), and RichardThe food consisted of: bruschetta, salami, prosciutto, two kinds of cheese, bread, chicken liver pate, and this fabulous homemade marmalade to top off the cheese. My favorite was the Chardonnay:

The views were spectacular also! We went into the town of Razza afterwards, and this Italian deli impressed me. It reminded me of the Italian delis in New York – only this is far more authentic. J The ride to and from reminded me a lot of Highway 1 in Northern California/Southern Oregon with its curvy, windy roads. It was a beautiful day to do this!

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  1. Stefani says:

    Love that picture of the grapes! Beautiful!

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