Catching Up

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve written. I’ve been exhausted each evening and haven’t been in the mood to write. I am amazed how much energy the heat takes out of me every day! It’s unusually hot here for this time of year. Each afternoon once class lets out (at 12:45pm) usually I’m starving and eat something at a local café because it’s too hot to think about walking 10 min. in the blazing heat. The school has AC so I tend to go back there for a bit to post to my blog and do other stuff online. By the time I walk home it’s still pretty warm. The reprieve doesn’t come until the sun goes down though. I am not really complaining as this is just a HUGE contrast from Seattle. I will take the hot (and yes…the dreaded humidity) any day over the gray clouds and constantly cool temps the Pacific Northwest offers. Sunshine perks me up so much more than I ever realized, though the heat is intense. I guess more reason for a slow pace of life and relaxation?!

Update on laundry: it worked! I asked my teacher Danny about it the next day (because he’s so open about anything – he provides a level of comfort to ask anything really) if it’s normal for it to take 2 hours, and he said yes. He laughed knowing that in the US it takes ~20 min. He lived in NYC for almost 2 years so he really relates to a lot of things Pansy and I bring up. She thought her washing machine was broken because none of the buttons worked at all. Danny pointed out that really she just needed to flip a switch on the wall. Hmm…more on differences in household items later.             I cooked with Alberta on Thurs. but only 2 items because she had dinner plans with her husband’s family who were coming in from another town. She invited me to go but I declined, not wanting to impose. We made chicken rolled up with prosciutto in a wine/olive oil sauce flavored with a spice only found here called Dragoncello. She gave me some to take home. It was yummy! We also made a chocolate dessert (which is too rich for my taste) and fresh crème to top it off with. It has a lot of butter and raw eggs in it so I’m not keen on eating that either. I have had this dessert a couple times a little bit at a time and each time I feel sick after.            The festa is in full swing in downtown SGV and it really is a crowd pleaser. There are rides for kids, teens, and entertainment for adults. One night it was dancing in the piazza, last night was a comedy show of some sort, etc. They amaze me in the fact they set up over 200 chairs and take them down in no time, and they do this daily. Today is the last day of it.            I went to Arezzo after all on Saturday thinking I’d be back in time for the market but no such luck. They were closing it when I returned. Arezzo was nice though. It is the place where “Life is Beautiful” was filmed and also historically where they had jousting events. There were some really beautiful churches here too. Could you imagine getting married here? It just looked magical to me! In fact, each Saturday I’ve been here so far there’ve been weddings. This one really stood out to me though as just gorgeous.In the US we use limos – now here in Italy, this is arriving to your wedding in style!            Also, I was with David today, a 40 year-old seminary student asking him all about the process. I had no idea to become a Catholic priest one had to attend school for 7 years! There are quite a few of seminarian students attending my school to become familiar with Italian – most happen to be from England – and many of them are just getting started. It’s really interesting talking to them sometimes to hear where they’ve been, what was their calling to their work, etc. My understanding is during their schooling, they go wherever they’re told, they get a small stipend each day for food, and that’s about it. I have a new found appreciation for what they go through/give up to do the work they want to do for others.

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One Response to Catching Up

  1. Stefani says:

    I love Life is Beautiful! It’s been a long time since I last watched it… I should watch it again one of these days.

    And yes… that would be an amazing church to get married in. Maybe Bryan and I should have another wedding, this time in Italy 🙂 haha

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