If You Can’t Laugh, You’ll Cry. Luckily, I Love to Laugh!

And yes…I kept my sense of humor throughout the day. I needed it! We started a new week this week, and 2 more people joined my class, both from Austria. One guy’s been here for 2 weeks like me, and knows Italian pretty well. The other is just starting at the school but also knows the language quite well. I feel like I’m now the lowest performer of the class – yikes! It’s all good. Denny (which I found out today is how his name is spelled, not Danny like I thought, all because of the accent!) is so good about realizing when I do and don’t get something.  He’s very helpful in that regard.

After coming home this afternoon I went out to the market happening on the street then went grocery shopping again. The store is becoming much more manageable for me (phew!) and that is good news. I decided tonight I would make eggplant parmesan as I did a couple weeks ago just to see that I have all the steps correct. This is where the night went wrong!

Long story short – I started to cook tonight maybe around 6 and didn’t eat until 10:30. Yeah…ridiculous I know. I ran out of tomatoes to make the sauce so I had to go buy more. Then I realized I misunderstood some of the directions and I was trying to puree raw tomatoes but was supposed to have diced them up before hand and boiled them a bit to then puree them. Needless to say, this all put me significantly behind and I didn’t end up having the kind of night I wanted. I ended up also eating cucumbers and grapes (though they have seeds – I should’ve thought of that before I bought them) because they were convenient at 10:30pm and required no preparation. At that point I didn’t care what else I ate! Nice balanced meal tonight, right? 🙂            Just as I was cleaning up, I remembered I had homework to do! It’s about the passato remoto. Don’t ask me how to use it or what the equivalent in English is cause I’m still getting used to that. Also, why is it that over the years I’ve learned so much more about English while learning another language than I ever did in English class? The American education system is faulty, and this is one huge crack that it has.            A wonderful way to end the evening was with fireworks right outside my window! Tonight was the final evening of the festa and they celebrated the finale in style! I must admit I didn’t know what the heck was going on at first because I’d heard a loud boom…I thought something exploded. Then I realized what it was, and watched it all from the comfort of ‘home.’ I’m such a little girl sometimes still who enjoys those simple things. It’s just what I needed after a night like I’d had. That’s surely what my time here has been about so far – the simple life. I’ve been needing and missing that in my own life, and so far Italy has provided this to me. I’m just (very happily) taking it all in.              Another thing that got me by tonight was a treat I bought at the store – peach iced tea! I don’t really drink many beverages outside of water, orange juice, and milk occasionally so this is a really nice treat. I am sure it’s probably sold in the US but I don’t think to look for it. I notice it’s around a lot here. Speaking of treats, I’ve also been seeing a lot of ads for Kinder chocolate. I think of Jared every time because last year he wanted some candy and he couldn’t find any that were up to his standards. Europe defines sweets as chocolate mostly, and Jared loves Smarties, Skittles, and whatever else is made of pure sugar.            I’ve also gotten in touch with some friends who live in Naples and I’m going to see them in 2 weeks before going to Sicily. I’m excited to see them again – it’s been 6 years. I should also contact the host family I stayed with the first time I came to Italy also as well as the English professor who’s a family friend who arranged the exchange to begin with. I’ve seen them here and there over the years and wasn’t able to see them last year. I’ll see if it’ll work out.

In other news, it is COLD today. I think autumn has arrived! I mean literally from the 90’s on Saturday it’s down into the low 60’s at best today and at night it’s even colder. Definitely time for a coat and long sleeves. I enjoy the season changes, as each season offers something unique. I’m curious to see what fall in Europe is like. I guess I’ll find out fast! I should also ask Denny how to dry my clothes with the weather being cold? Right now I’m hanging them outside to dry. Any idea?

This post is really random – sorry for that. This is a typical night in my head before winding down. I must admit that having a blog and being expressive about my thoughts has been very therapeutic. It comes up all the time during readings that it helps others purge their brains by writing. I didn’t realize how helpful it is for me, too. It’s sort of a way to let go of the day and let the night be for me instead of holding on to all these thoughts/ideas/questions.

Oh, and Tues. is another cooking lesson! We’re going to make ravioli this time because I have no idea where to begin with that one…should be fun!

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One Response to If You Can’t Laugh, You’ll Cry. Luckily, I Love to Laugh!

  1. Stefani says:

    Thanks for another interesting post! It’s great being able to hear about all of your day-to-day events and happenings over here.

    I’m so glad that you got to enjoy the fireworks at the end of your frustrating evening. Nights like that can be hard especially if you’re hungry and things aren’t going as planned! So it worked out really nicely that you were still able to get excited about the pleasant surprise of the fireworks after I’m sure being disappointed by your cooking experience!

    It’s also funny how the weather there is mirroring the weather here in NC! Ours was in the 90s up until last Thursday, then dropped drastically down to the 60s Friday and this weekend. This week it’s back up into the 70s and I believe it’s supposed to rise back up into the 80s as the week goes on… but still, funny how fall arrived so quickly both here and there! And at the exact same time, too! I guess the world is connected…

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