Friday Night at the Fattoria

A “fattoria” is usually a vineyard you can visit and also eat at. It’s kind of one of those unique experiences. This is the second one I visited on this trip, and it was just okay. I wasn’t overly impressed with the wines at this place, nor was I wild about the food they served so it was just an ok experience for me. I did relax though with lots of wine and that was useful. When I drink I tend to speak a lot more Italian without holding back so that part was good.            This is a photo of our group who went. Rossana was the teacher (in the middle) who took us on this excursion. The men are both from Austria and are very good at speaking Italian, and the other two women are Americans, from Wisconsin. I found them to be quite abrasive and they may have tainted my experience too. They told me they’re used to staying at the Ritz Carlton and the home they’re staying is anything but that. They attended the school last year also, and took cooking classes with Alberta. These ladies complained about how Alberta cooks with such primitive kitchen tools and how annoying to them it was. One woman said she even brought some kitchen tools with them to give to Alberta as a gift, which in one way is nice, but the intention behind it is insulting. I just had to keep my mouth shut, wanting to roll my eyes at them. They are definitely the kind of Americans who mold a stereotype for others of being needy and constant complainers. I wanted to ask them why they even bothered coming to another country if they expected it to be like their own, but obviously I didn’t. They were setting themselves up for a tough week. They wanted me to go to Florence with them yesterday but I politely declined as I told them about the research I had to do for my upcoming trips to Greece and Turkey. Ugh – I guess these types are unavoidable wherever you are in the world!

This was one of the nicest sunsets I’ve seen yet here in Italy, taken from the hills before getting to the fattoria:

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3 Responses to Friday Night at the Fattoria

  1. Stefani says:

    Those ladies sound annoying! Good thing you don’t have to spend much time with them!

  2. Melissa says:

    Ugh yeah seriously. Even today they were annoying and I saw them for 2 min.!

  3. Sarah Flagg says:

    Remind me to tell you about the time I told off a (southern) American woman in front of the Eiffel Tower for acting like a stereotype 🙂 She was awful and rude, even though SHE was the one ordering food in English and didn’t know what a Parisian sandwich looks like. I agree – why visit another country if all you’re going to do is complain about how inferior it is?

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