L’Ufficio Postale (The Post Office)

So I had to make a trip to the post office today for the first time. I am so glad that the other day Denny talked to us about how it generally works, otherwise I would have shown up CLUELESS!So, when you walk in there’s a ticket dispensing machine you have to use. It reminds me of when you go to the DMV and take a ticket to be served.Well…this machine has 3 different types of services. You have to press one of three buttons for the type of service you need. One is for mailing envelopes and packages, and I don’t remember what the others are for. Luckily I knew to look for this because he told us. I chose the correct ticket category – hooray! I was able to figure that part out.

When your number is up, you’ll see it displayed on a board, and it tells you which booth to go to.  I was being sly trying to snap this photo. I think someone saw me but oh well. 😉 At this point I’m used to people looking at me. Also, one big difference is that the post offices here don’t have packing supplies (like boxes, envelopes, etc.) like our USPS does. Darn.

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6 Responses to L’Ufficio Postale (The Post Office)

  1. Ajith says:

    Hey, this is exactly how post offices work in India, England and Canada:-) The US sure makes it simpler – but, I like the European way better.

  2. Katie Ford says:

    In Germany it’s totally confusing- their post office is also a bank! Post bank!

  3. Stefani says:

    hahaha so funny! I love how you say you chose the right ticket – hooray! It’s like it’s all a big carnival game or puzzle or something that you’re constantly trying to figure out, and you feel rewarded when you figure out the next clue or jump over the next hurdle, but nobody else even realizes that it’s all foreign to you because to them it’s just normal everyday life. I can just imagine standing there in the post office feeling completely baffled by the tickets and 3 different types of tickets, too! It really is very much like the DMV. And I hate the DMV.

    Social Security administration was the same way, and really stressed me out. You had to go to the computer, choose what service you were there for, and then it would print out the appropriate type of ticket, and when your number was called, they’d make an announcement about which window location you had to go to (some windowns were down other hallways and had different letters and numbers identifying them) and you better be listening because if you missed it you’d have to go back and get a new ticket and start from scratch! I cannot imagine trying to do that while not speaking English very well…. wow.

  4. Anonymous says:

    surprised they don’t have & sell the packaging materials. the post offices in Laos & Vietnam had boxes & supplies.

  5. Darrell Peil says:

    Hey, THE SIGNS AND SYSTEM ARE EXACTLY like the DMV in SC and TN!! Oh no! Now I now where these systems come from! I am not so sure this is a good thing!

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