Random Stuff

This blog post is super quick because I don’t have much time before I have to leave today (yes, I’m writing it in real time – not pasted from a Word document as I usually do).

– Manfred, the other guy in my class who’s from Austria, is moving into my apartment tonight. He’s been completely dissatisfied with where he’s been staying. 😦 I’m not sure how to handle that. It’s only a few days so it’s okay but not the same peace and quiet I’ve been used to.

– He’s been driving me nuts in my class. It’s only 2 of us and he talks….a lot. The good thing is that I was getting a lot of random thoughts/images again today during his time talking (I sort of was tuning him out) which means meditation should be easier for me now that something is flowing. I’ve had the ability my whole life to stare off and day dream, not realizing it was truly meditation. Yeah!

– Tomorrow will be a long day. I have to be up so early to catch a train at 7am to arrive in Senigallia by 11:45am in time to have lunch with a couple friends. I plan to get back to SGV around 8:40pm. LONG day mostly in a train to and from! I need to buy my ticket tonight.

– Ajith and I are still planning our trip. He’s got to figure out which airport is cheaper to fly in to, which will determine when we stay at hotels that I need to book. Then we can start his Visa process. Needless to say, this whole process has left both of us stressed out with one another on Skype a few times since I’ve been gone. Ugh. Can’t wait til this planning over and done with. Soon….

– TV Shows: I find it funny what kind of shows are on TV here. There are a lot of American TV shows dubbed in Italian. I saw Scooby Doo this morning. Now I can understand why I was so scared when I was little watching it. Without really knowing the language it looks scary with all the ghosts and spirits that are around them all the time. I laugh knowing what I know today about all that. It was fun to watch for a few minutes. They also have a soap opera called “Beautiful” which is the American show “The Bold and the Beautiful.” They also have “I Simpson” which is “The Simpsons.” Hahaha.

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4 Responses to Random Stuff

  1. Ajith says:

    I know the last couple of calls have been very stressful. I’m sorry. We’re in the homestretch now – let’s get this done soon, and then enjoy the fruits of our planning in a month from now:-)

    Good luck with the new roommate. I hope that he does get the hint that you are busy and that you would like some peace and quiet.

    Have fun in Senigallia!! Do you feel like a rebel skipping out on class?

  2. Katie Ford says:

    Did you check out airbnb for places to stay?

  3. Stefani says:

    Have a good time on your little day trip!

    That’s funny how they rename shows… I wonder, does “I Simpson” somehow make more sense in Italian than “The Simpsons”?

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