Say Whaaaa?!?

Okay, the dialect here is really testing my knowledge of the Italian language sometimes. I was talking to the director of the school yesterday, and considering she knows I don’t always understand what’s being said, I was surprised she used as much dialect (and speed in her speech) as she did. I was left feeling stupid with a LOT of confused looks. I feel like a developmentally delayed person trying to decode it. Haha.I really am intelligent, but coming to a new place makes you question that sometimes. Oh my gosh, and especially in class when things are brought up about other places’ politics or their leaders or stuff like that. I’m a blank face with nothing. Gosh!

Anyway…here’s another good example of dialect our teacher Francesca told us about today:

English: Warm coca cola with a short straw (I guess someone may ask for this if they’re wanting a beverage and are out and about).

Italian: La coca cola calda con la cannuccia corta.

Dialect (sounds like): La hoha hola halda con la hannucia horta.

I could swear I’m listening to Spanish when someone throws in the “H” sound. Goodness!  Where am I? Spain or Italy?It’s like this when you’re in the deep South though too of the US. When I visited my aunt and uncle in SC, my cousin’s friend showed up. My cousin Adam asked “Jeet?” I was like perplexed by what in the world had just come out of his mouth. I had no idea. In the end, he wanted to know “Did you eat?” but the lazy, Southern way came out as “Jeet?” I had no response to that other than laughter.

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One Response to Say Whaaaa?!?

  1. Stefani says:

    Yup. Same experience I had (I think we talked about this once before.) For me it was my college roommate. When we went back to her hometown in the country to visit her family one weekend, her southern accent returned in full force, and suddenly she was saying things that I couldn’t understand. She said jawleet. I was like, “Jaw Leet?” WHAT?! I think I made her repeat it about 5 times before finally breaking it down and realizing she was asking, “did you all eat.” HA! 🙂

    Since living here in the “south” for a while now, i’d imagine I’ve probably gotten a bit better at deciphering southern drawl or country slang… that’s just my guess.

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