Being Bilingual

It’s not as glamorous as being tri-lingual or quadrilingual, but I’m finding it’s bringing me to new heights. In writing these blog entries, I’m noticing that I want to write in both languages (as if you all would know some Italian?). I’m also finding that I’m forgetting some English words too. When Lorenzo and I were in the car, I saw someone riding on a segway. I couldn’t remember that word for the life of me. It’s okay – he couldn’t remember the Italian word either.

When trying to look for a cute image to post about being bilingual, I stumbled upon this. How awesome! I think kids should grow up knowing more than one language. What a gift!

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2 Responses to Being Bilingual

  1. Anonymous says:

    I had the same “problem” after living in Costa Rica for 3 months. I did everythign in Spanish (including dreaming!) and when it came time to send emails home I couldn’t remember certain words and would slip back into Spanish without thinking about it. I think it really just signifies that your brain is making the transformation!

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