Come on, Ride The Train….But how?!

I wondered how it worked riding the train from the mainland of Italy to the island of Sicily. To my surprise, they load the train onto a huge boat, and it sails across the sea until it reaches Sicily. Then, the train hooks back up with the train tracks and continues the journey. Isn’t that something? During that time you can get out and be on top of the deck to watch. It was very nice!

I also tried an ‘arancino’ for the first time while riding the boat, which is a Sicilian delicacy. It’s a large, fried ball the size of a baseball maybe. It’s filled with rice, tomatoes, mozzarella, a bit of meat, and peas. YUM. It was the first fried thing I’ve eaten since I’ve been here and it was tasty! One of the guys who was riding in the same car as me bought it for me – super generous of him! He was one who knew I was American and never had this before. What a treat.

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2 Responses to Come on, Ride The Train….But how?!

  1. Stefani says:

    Wow, very unique. Never had anything like that before but it does sound tasty. Did you take that picture? Or is that a photo of the same type of food that you found online? Because if you took it… then I’m very impressed with the fancy plates they served food on!

    The train/boat ride sounds great! How fun!

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