Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Well, my mind wants to know what it’ll be like where I am next. The school was able to find a host family for me (which really are two women around my age I’m told) to stay with for the time I’m in Sicily.  I alluded to the fact there was a problem of some sort finding an accommodation in a shared apartment with other students, and they were scrambling to find me something else.  I told them I’d be flexible living with a family if that would make a difference…and it did.  I arrive Sun. around 9pm and Ombretta, the Sicilian friend I met in NC, will pick me up from the train station and drive me to the home I’m staying at. We’ll then find something to eat and catch up a bit. I’m looking forward to seeing her again!

I’m hoping this also means I have a more social opportunities with her and her friends. I’m positive that she’ll do what she can to make me comfortable and at home, returning the favor of what I did for her when she studied at State. We would go out on the weekends, and I had her over for dinner, etc. It’ll be nice to have a girl friend around to do stuff with.

I looked at the new school’s website a bit more in depth yesterday to realize the hours of operation are 9:30am – 3:30pm. I guess that’s when I’ll start school is 9:30am? Il Sillabo started at 9am. I love those hours honestly – they jive so much better with my own body clock. I used to hate it when I worked at UNC because I’d have to leave home by 7am to make it to work by 7:45 to start teaching at 8am sharp. That felt way too early for this night owl! I was in the zone every day at least until 10am. The job I had in Seattle was pretty good because I’d begin teaching class at 9am each day and arrive by 8:30am. My boss Melody was super flexible and I loved that the most! Italy operates much later than the US and it’s been great. I struggle a little bit eating lunch at 1pm because that’s late (everything closes from 1pm – 2/2:30pm) and some nights waiting til 8pm to eat (at Alberta’s) but that’s the typical schedule everyone holds.

Something else I thought about was that maybe I was so out of touch with what really made me happy back when I was teaching school and was at UNC that I was staying up late as my own mechanism to avoid having to go to work the next day (which was stupid, because then I was sleep deprived, not helping the situation). Now, I’m in Italy, happy, having fun, and don’t need to stay up late to avoid anything. Instead I’m able to gently care for myself and give myself whatever I need when I need it, savoring the time because I finally have it to give to myself. I’m not running any rat race and can just sit back and enjoy the ride of the simple life.

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