L’Ultima Cena (The Last Supper)…at Alberta’s

I was pretty tired from the day trip the day before when I went to Alberta’s house for our last cooking lesson. We made a DELICIOUS lemon flavored cake topped with pears so I could bring it to the school on our last day together. I’ll definitely make this at home. There is some ingredient she used that I think was potato flakes (Fecola di Patate), as well as vanilla flavored yeast. Has anyone else ever heard of vanilla flavored yeast? I should buy it before I leave here just so I have some because I’ve never seen it in our stores. I would like to buy that and pepperoncino spice. I think it is ground up red pepper flakes which again I don’t know that I’ve ever seen before either. Someone check and let me know – thanks!            The other thing we made were homemade crepes filled with a ricotta spread flavored with aromatic spices like parsley, oregano, rosemary, pepperoncino, salt, pepper, etc. They were good but a bit heavy. I could see filling them with something else though sometime instead.            Here are Alberta and I after finishing the meal. Now you all can put a face to the name!This is Alberta’s family who I ate with each Tues. and Thurs. during my time in SGV. Her husband is Roberto, son is Simone, and her daughter is Maria. Very kind family!            All in all, my cooking lessons were worth every penny to me cause I learned a lot and had fun. Success!

That night I was more tired than even the day before and was asleep by 10:15. I just laugh about this because I’m usually such a night owl. It’s just not possible for me here in Italy I guess! Watch I come back a reformed person with my sleep schedule.

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One Response to L’Ultima Cena (The Last Supper)…at Alberta’s

  1. Susan says:

    I’ve never seen vanilla flavored yeast here. I’ve only seen standard stuff like bread yeast. Might be something you can order online though. For the pepperoncino spice, maybe you could just get dried red paper flakes and grind them in a food processor or spice blender. My brother told me there is a specialty spice store, I think it was in Las Vegas, so in bigger cities with a store like that you might be able to find both those things.

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