Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Last night I had dinner with D and B (you know who I mean if you’ve kept up with my blog – I prefer no names at this point in fear someone might see it and again don’t want to jeopardize anything for him/them). D and I met for a drink before dinner to work on his resume so it’s up to par to land him the job he wants. After, B came out and we went to a pizzeria for dinner. We somehow ended up staying there til 12:45am! Again, hours of fun conversation about random things. I told them about the “Bimbo a Bordo” sign and what a bimbo means in English – they thought it was funny! We talked about common names that are popular at the time, and names that are really old, etc. We talked about TV shows and movies, and about typical household roles that the man works, the woman is a housewife but yet really she runs it all though the man likes to think he’s the one who does. He was telling me that in the South (in Sicily) it’s much more common to be this way still, so if I had an Italian boyfriend I’d need him to be Northern, where it’s more equal and not like this as much. I guess we’ll see what happens!

There were still a few things to do to the resume so we came back to my place and worked until about 1:30am. It was a long night in that sense but made great progress. We will absolutely stay in touch via Skype, email, etc. I look forward to being able to meet up again. Maybe Ajith and I could make a trip to SGV when we’re in Florence one night for dinner or something. Otherwise I’ll look forward to seeing them in the US once they win the lottery. 🙂

(Sorry I didn’t get a photo of us together that night. The right opportunity just never arose).

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