First Day of School

There’s a first for everything, right? I had my first (big) misunderstanding with Evelina the first night. I thought she said she’d be awake in the morning to tell me how to get to the school but she told me to wake her up actually. I left that morning with nowhere to go. I just had an address to the school and asked a lot of people how to get there, and eventually I did find my way. Talk about difficult!

The class I am in consists of 4 others – a good size for conducive learning. This school is more resourceful than Il Sillabo in SGV. They begin at 9:30 and go until 1:30pm with a half hour break from 11:30am – 12pm. They switch teachers at this time. The morning portion we have Francesca who is in charge of discussion and the afternoon we have Valentina, who teaches us about grammar. She was going so fast I was having trouble keeping up on what she expected. VERY frustrating!

My class consists of 2 women from the Czeck Republic (Hanna and Yanna), “Grace” from Poland (though her name is too hard for me to say…so she told me to call her Grace), Tina from Germany who’s my age, and another American girl from TX named Jessica.

Back to things this place offers: each afternoon there’s something offered. Today they offered a lesson on Sicilian symbolism, tomorrow is a literature lesson, Wed. is a group cooking lesson, Thurs. is a presentation about the Mafia, Friday is a movie, Saturday is nothing, and Sunday is an optional excursion to Mount Etna. They also offer Italian movies you could check out overnight if you’d like. They also provide booklets already bound with activities in them which looks nicer than random hand outs. I’m very impressed with the school portion overall.

I came back home in the afternoon for a little bit before the symbolism lesson. I talked to Ajith and cried for a while because I was so disoriented and hated living in these conditions. However, once I had lunch I was much better. I never have been disoriented in my life until now. I think it was too much shock in too short of a time where I had no idea where I was, I was in a city in an old house without a bathroom I’m used to, and I had no food readily available. I felt abandoned by the girl I was living with because I didn’t know how to get to the school and I thought she would have made sure I was off okay (again, my misunderstanding and my fault) but she didn’t. It all felt so wrong. Plus, I wasn’t thrilled about being in a city after having had a slow paced living situation. Not having eaten well in the past few days, lacking sleep, and these surroundings really plagued me.I asked Evelina where the closest grocery store was and she basically said there was a little one nearby and told me where. In the end, I didn’t go there but went to another one in the city after the lesson with some of the people in my class. Let’s just say it’s nothing like the Coop in SGV! On the flip side, there is a fresh fruit, vegetable, cheese, and meat market every day near the school. This is where I’ll buy everything just about I’ll need.

I ate dinner at a local trattoria with a group of students from the school (probably everyone enrolled right now) which is about 8 students. This group speaks only Italian because we want to practice, and I was amazed at this. It helps I suppose that we all come from different backgrounds and don’t all speak the same language outside Italian – so we are forced to speak what we know to communicate with one another. It was fun…and dinner lasted 3 hours!

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One Response to First Day of School

  1. Stefani says:

    Oh dear, so sorry to hear how overwhelmed and disoriented you felt! I can only imagine. You just barely started to get comfortable and oriented in the new country and new town and all the new and different things and people where you were, and then suddenly you uprooted yourself, and here you are in a completely brand new place again… feeling totally alone and unsupported and uncomfortable. I am sure it will only get better from here! Can’t get much worse 🙂 haha. The dinner with the other students sounds really nice. And it sounds like you’ll have lots of nice programs at the school.

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