I Made It To Catania!

I was greeted by my friend Ombretta – it was great to see her again after so long! I’m sooo glad she was there to pick me up because let me just say, I wasn’t in SGV anymore. There was traffic everywhere and buses to watch for and it was chaotic! I seriously would’ve been a lost little puppy confused as anything if I took the bus to a place where I couldn’t find. It was dark when we arrived at the apartment and I couldn’t imagine running around the area with my heavy luggage. It all worked out well because she knew where to go. LUCKY!

We arrived to the apartment I’m going to stay at and immediately I was feeling disappointed. I realize this is Italy, and I realize I am living in a very old part of town but I walked in I was greeted by Evelina, a 29 year old girl who I understand is a teacher at the school I’m going to. She isn’t working this week because there wasn’t a demand for her (just like Denny was not at the SGV school due to low enrollment). Another girl named Valentina lives here too but she wasn’t home yet.

When I walked in, I was like, whoa! This place is nothing like what I’m used to. Anyone who knows me knows how particular I am about my living conditions, and this reminded me a lot of a home that college students live in. There is a common area with a kitchen table, Evelina’s friends were over and it was messy in the living area and in the small, old kitchen. My bedroom is off the kitchen, and is quite large. The bathroom I’m going to be using is outside. Basically I have to open doors from my bedroom to go about 5 steps before I open up another door which allows me to enter the room where the washer is and where my toilet and shower are. I didn’t like this at all because when the light’s on and it’s night time bugs fly in if the door isn’t shut properly. I literally was in shock about this whole situation. Pics to come soon.

After I put my stuff down and got oriented to the house, Ombretta and I went to dinner. By this point it was after 10pm and I was hungry. She knows how I live and also commented on the living conditions. We’ll see about this…I didn’t sleep well worrying about what to do.

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4 Responses to I Made It To Catania!

  1. Stefani says:

    Oh my! Wow. Well, first of all, I’m so glad to hear you had your friend there to pick you up, take you where you needed to go, take you to get dinner, and talk to you about the situation. I’m sure that helped a LOT. I can’t imagine how much more shock you would have been in if you’d had to do it all on your own. Sounds overwhelming.

    The toilet situation sounds pretty difficult. Wow. Sorry to hear the living situation is less than ideal. Hopefully you can figure out how to work it out so it’s bearable.

    • Melissa says:

      OMG – yeah! I cannot begin to imagine what this experience would’ve been like without her. I’m glad she also thought it was a little sketchy and it wasn’t just me being “American” thinking about our standards.

  2. Susan says:

    I can only imagine how surprising that was! I mean, if you get up in the night to pee you have to GO OUTSIDE! That is really weird. I once stayed in a log cabin in Alaska where there was an actual outhouse. Like, no plumbing. Inside there was a room with wooden seat over a cooler. And then you had to go dump the cooler into the outhouse hole. No lie.

    • Stefani says:

      oh yuck! No thank you! That sounds like a jacked up outhouse – I thought those things were supposed to have big holes in the ground or something – not seats over coolers! Ha 🙂

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