Second Day

My morning started a little better using the “outhouse” for a lack of better words. I was able to shower easier too. There is a shower but the head doesn’t fit into the shower head holder so I have to manually hold the shower head to rinse off. I figured out that holding it between my knees when I need to use both hands makes a big difference. These are the little things that throw me for a loop but once I’ve got a system is down then I’m good.

The class went much better today and I found my way okay! I feel like things flowed a lot easier for me. During the break, I went to the market to buy some fruit, and after class, I wanted to go grocery shopping again for other things. I ended up getting lost on the streets cause I have a horrible sense of direction. Luckily I ran into other students from school.  “Grace” (which isn’t her real Polish name – but it’s too hard for me to pronounce) and Simona (who’s from Slovakia) walked me back to the area where we live. I discovered that a lot of the student housing is near one another, which is very convenient.

I went to dinner with a smaller group of students tonight to a pizzeria nearby our apartments. I really want to participate in social activities when possible because again, everyone uses the language which helps a lot.

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4 Responses to Second Day

  1. Stefani says:

    Have you asked any locals how they shower? I mean, is there a technique that they all use to be efficient with those weird shower heads? Do they maybe turn the water on and off during their shower – turning it on to get wet, turning it off to lather, turning it back on to rinse? That might make it a little easier at least so water isn’t spraying around the room when you’re not using it. Just curious if you’ve heard anything about how other people use the showers 🙂

  2. Susan says:

    What a funny question to have to ask someone, and in another language too! “Can you explain to me how you shower?” LOL 🙂

  3. Melissa says:

    Yeah…I haven’t asked anyone this question. I sort of feel like that’s pushing it a bit! I’ll figure it out and adapt.

  4. Katie Ford says:

    I had so much trouble with showers in Germany! Two places we stayed had the exact same issue you have- I pulled the between the legs move too, but I still got water everywhere. Another place had this hilarious half circular shower curtain (for a regular sized tub). There was no way to shower without spraying water over the entire bathroom. Hope you’re figuring it out!

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