I Forgot It’s Fall, Y’All!

I saw someone’s FB status about a haunted house, and sort of forgot it’s fall in the US. I love fall and pumpkin things – pumpkin frappuccino’s from Starbuck’s, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, carving pumpkins and baking the pumpkin seeds, and the smell of fall crafty items in stores like Michael’s and JoAnn’s. I love the freshness in the air at this time of year and how it gets dark early. I forgot it’s October because I’m so far removed from any of that here! If I find a Starbuck’s, I should get one of these just because. 🙂Last year I went to a farm on a hay ride for the first time. I’d always wanted to do it. I enjoyed the farm!The farm was decorated of course with fall decor, complete with pumpkin bowling:I’ve carved pumpkins 2 years in a row for the first time in a long time. The first year I did this with Ajith and his cousin Aparna who was in town visiting (sorry I don’t have pics on my computer from then).

Last year I invited Kerem over to carve pumpkins cause he’s from Turkey and had never done it before. We attempted to pick out pumpkins at a local farm after work one day but they were closed, so we had to go to Safeway instead – not exactly the ‘real’ way to do it but we didn’t have a choice. We had a lot of fun turning our pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns!Unfortunately, only a couple days passed before both of our pumpkins rotted. Lesson learned: go to a farm and pick out your pumpkins!

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2 Responses to I Forgot It’s Fall, Y’All!

  1. Desiree says:

    Unfortunately rotting pumpkins is the plague of the Pacific Northwest. If you ever try to get a pumpkin from a farm too far into October, you’ll be knee deep in rotten pumpkins… 😦 Sorry you’re missing fall, it’s my favorite time of year too. I’m not sure if we’re having one here or not, seems to be still undecided.

  2. Stefani says:

    I agree. Fall is an awesome time of year. I love all the same things you mentioned. Talan was asking Bryan when/if we were going to get out all our Fall/Halloween decorations for the house this year, but unfortunately we’re not going to be doing much holiday decorating until we sell the townhouse. We’ll probably still carve some pumpkins, but it all depends on the timing of everything… and if it comes down to it, I’d definitely choose to skip fall festivities this year in favor of selling the townhouse and moving before Thanksgiving!!!

    Maybe next year you’ll be in town and we can do some Fall celebrating together!! That would be so fun 🙂

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