A Mystery? I don’t think so.

I’m not too happy today with a situation I discovered in my room that happened sometime between yesterday morning and evening. I had made an ATM withdrawl the other day and kept some Euros in an envelope I had and would pull from it periodically when I needed to refill my wallet, which I did often because I don’t carry much cash on me here because I was warned not to. I am positive that yesterday morning I had Euros and some US dollars in this envelope. I kept it on my bed for some reason with other stuff on top of it. This morning when I was going to the envelope, I discovered the Euros are gone and my American money remains. 😦  I think it was about 60 – 80 Euros. Believe me, I’ve searched up and down this room but I’m so particular with my things I know better than to doubt myself. I’m positive I would’ve remembered using up all the money.This is wrong on so many levels. First, my intuition was at a high yesterday and didn’t realize it. The thought popped up to count the money, but there were a lot of smaller bills and I didn’t cause I was in a hurry to get out of the house. I even thought about “what if this ever got stolen how would I know how much was there?”  I was in a hurry to get out of the house in the morning and didn’t hide it in the usual spot I keep my money…so I figured throwing it under some things on my bed would be ok, thinking this house was safe. I should’ve listened. Last time I was ‘told’ something would be stolen it was my lunch when I worked at the elementary school. I had the thought pop into my head 3 times that morning to put my name on my lunch because it would be stolen (but I was busy and didn’t listen), and later that afternoon my lunch was gone from the freezer where I’d put it, and someone had eaten it for their lunch as I saw the left over box in the trash. One would think I’d know better by now to listen.Secondly, one of the girls who I live with had to come into my room yesterday. She didn’t tell me before hand she would enter (we never established that either girl who I live with should tell me) but I knew that at some point she or the other girl would have to. I was told in advance this particular house had a room for me that would require the others to walk through to get to the washing machine. I thought it was odd, and wasn’t the most comfortable with this but figured it would be okay and really didn’t have a choice being the school couldn’t find a place for me to stay. Anyway, one of the girls (who also happens to be a teacher at my school) did her laundry yesterday and had to come through my room to get there. I went out yesterday for maybe 4 or 5 hours, otherwise I was home all day. She says she was home most of the day with the exception of a few times she had to go out for a short time. She also had one visitor over who she trusts like her brother she says, and can’t imagine he would’ve done this. She left him alone in the house for 20 min. she said. I feel like it’s either her or him who may have taken this money, assuming it was taken and I didn’t completely lose my mind. I hate pointing fingers and making assumptions about anyone and anything, but I also know the facts that the money was there yesterday and today it’s not.

The other odd thing is that I had some money sitting out on my desk in plain sight. If it was a stranger who entered the house, they would’ve taken my camera, my computer, that money, etc. I believe whomever it was had time to look at my stuff. If it was the girl who lives here or her friend (or anyone who was comfortable in the house), they wouldn’t take two 50 Euro bills because that’s obvious and I would’ve known for sure someone was in my room, putting me on high alert right away. I feel like someone would’ve chosen the envelope instead because it isn’t as obvious and days may go by before I’d be aware. Make sense?

I don’t know what to believe at this point – both girls swear they can’t understand what happened. One I completely believe, the other I’m not so sure of because I know she had been through my room to do her laundry. Either way, it’s not a good feeling. 😦 It’s not the end of the world, but certainly unsettling. Both girls also feel like it’s unsettling and would like to know what happened. Again, not sure what or who to believe.

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2 Responses to A Mystery? I don’t think so.

  1. Susan says:

    You are a kind and trusting soul! I find it hard to believe you’d lose that much money on your own. Sounds stolen to me. Either you will just have to let it go in Zen-like fashion since you’ll never see any of these people again, or you can make a big old stink about it with your roommates and your school and hope that the money magically reappears. I’d make a big old stink about it myself, but I’m not very Zen-like. 🙂

  2. Sara McArdle says:

    I’m sorry about this. How frustrating!

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