Italian Fashion For Men

I always smile when I come here because the trends in fashion vary so much from ours in the US.  An oldie but a goodie is the beloved Capri pants for men: Then, of course….the Man Purse! It makes sense that guys need to carry stuff around with them, why do women only in the US bring one? The guys here sport them and it works just fine – so why not? I thought you’d enjoy seeing a sampling of the man purses. I was at a live concert last night and was able to snap these pictures easily without being too obvious.

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3 Responses to Italian Fashion For Men

  1. Desiree says:

    I can always spot an Italian or Greek by the murse (man purse, hehe)!

  2. Stefani says:

    the man purses and capri pants are fascinating!! That was fun that you were able to snap so many pictures to show how they really look. I agree, it is silly that man purses are not appropriate here but are fine in other countries. Fashion is strange.

  3. Sara McArdle says:

    Love it! 😀

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