New School Next Week – Tough Choice!

After being surprised how large Catania is, I’ve decided to make another move this upcoming Monday to go to another language school located in a more quiet, serene environment without distraction. I’m trying to decide between three schools right now. Two of them are in Sicily (which is good because I like it here in general and the weather will be warmer the longest) and one is on the mainland of Italy in the South. I sent the schools a bunch of questions and hope to hear back from them by tomorrow so I can make an informed decision where to go next.

I’m looking at something that’s got beach like weather. I love the beach and didn’t have time to go this year except when I was in Hawaii.

Here’s a scene from Tropea, one of the towns I’m considering on the mainland:Cefalu, in Sicily:Milazzo, in Sicily:

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One Response to New School Next Week – Tough Choice!

  1. Stefani says:

    So excited that you’re going to Tropea – can’t wait to hear about it. It looks so beautiful.

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