Ombretta & Enrico

I got to hang out on Sunday with Ombretta and her husband Enrico. I’ve seen photos of him but was happy to finally meet him. They are very sweet! They spent all day with me. We walked around Catania a little bit, then we went back to their home which is outside the city. Their house is beautiful and modern – a nice change from where I’m at.

We had lunch together (I got to eat another arancino and a cannolo – better known as cannolis in the US) and we watched her wedding video and looked at her wedding album. They are different than American ones – the video didn’t have much talking in it – it was pretty much set to music and showed scenes from throughout the day. I was thinking about my best friend Stefani because she and her husband Bryan make some fantastic videos ( and the style of filming for this was completely different. The wedding album also was huge in size, all digital prints of course, and really impressive! I enjoyed looking at this a lot.

After we were done, we went grocery shopping, then to a market that happens every Sunday in a small town called Zafferana¬†Etnea. There are many vendors and all of them make their own hand made products that are local to Sicily. There was local honey, liqueurs, baked goods, and crafts. Very neat! It really was fall-like weather that night though. I was wearing a sweater and my jacket! Brrrr…

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  1. Stefani says:

    aww thanks for mentioning us! Bryan has been making a lot of progress in working on getting clients, so I feel like any day now hopefully the business will really get off the ground!

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