Access Granted!

Ajith received his Schengen Visa back today – stamped and approved to enter Europe! I would hope so – all flights, hotels, etc. have been arranged, and this is surely the leg of the trip I wouldn’t be keen on doing by myself. I’m very thankful for that!For those who aren’t familiar with the Visa application process (I wasn’t) you have to get all your plane tickets purchased in advance, hotels booked because they want to see where you’ll be every night, and you need to provide bank statements to them, etc. I am sick about what they make people go through to enter other countries sometimes. I’m sure there’s a fine reason for it that I am not seeing, but it is a pain to gather the info. I never realized (being American) others had to go through such lengths to travel. It’s insane!

I put together an Excel sheet this week of all the details – our hotel names, addresses, phone numbers, confirmation numbers, prices, etc. I also put in there how we are getting from Point A to Point B throughout the trip so there is no confusion on our behalf thinking he knows better than me, or vice versa. This section was added to a document that is in it’s 18th version at this time if that gives you a clue!

Hard to believe that in 1 week we’ll be together in Rome! I plan to take the train overnight on Fri. night so I can meet him when he arrives in Rome on Sat. morning we won’t have to wait around too long for the other. Trying to meet each other may be tricky being we both don’t have cell phones that work in Europe. I trust it’ll all work out! Maybe we’ll pick a train track number to meet at? I don’t know just yet. I guess I’ll probably just meet him at his train that’ll arrive from the Rome airport to the main terminal station. I don’t think he’ll have a problem getting on that train because most people speak English and can direct him where to go to. It’s meeting up in Termini Train station (the main train station in Rome) that could be tricky.

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3 Responses to Access Granted!

  1. Hi Melissa,

    maybe it helps you?:))

    Buona Domenica, Grazyna.

  2. I’ve been watching Jordi (the Spaniard I am taking my new job over from) deal with getting a Visa for his new position in Chicago. He’s had an awful time! The process started in June and he was just given the okay to arrive on January 9th the other day. He has 3 Masters degrees and a high paying job with a Fortune 500 company! In contrast, Denmark pretty much just said ‘fine, good, great, excellent, welcome, you don’t even need to speak our language’.

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