Catania by Night

Simona and I went out one night on a mission to find Tiramisu, because ironically the restaurants we ate at didn’t have it. Mmmm we found some! This didn’t have as many ladyfingers in it as I like normally but it was good.I took these shots of the city at night. The city has a character all its own at night!On a separate night, we got stuck out when it rained like I haven’t seen in years! I don’t know if you can tell or not, but the outside café/bar we were at started to flood! Look closely at the bottom of the chairs. It was raining so hard in such a short amount of time it was actually a bit scary to me. By the end of the night, in that area, the water was almost mid-calf high on me.  The reason it was all flowing toward the outside area of the bar area was because the piazza is designed in such a way that water will run off down toward the shops on the outskirts of the square, so that the square itself doesn’t flood.

I got to the point I was going to go ask a policeman sitting in a car nearby to give us a ride home, but by the time I made that decision the police drove off! We tried to call a taxi, but there was too much water on the roads for them to make it to us. Simona and I ended up running through the rain instead.

Unfortunately, I’d done laundry and my clothes were out to dry. I wasn’t able to salvage my clothes. They actually got more dirty being outside from things falling on them from trees, etc. that I ended up having to rewash them days later. What a mess! I made it home safely at least!

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