The Train Loads On A Boat – I Swear!

I got so many odd looks from other students when I described to them how I came from the mainland of Italy down to Sicily and how the train got loaded onto a boat, but it’s the truth. I have pictures to prove it!

Here you can see my view looking out the train car.I got out and took photos of them loading the 2nd half of the train onto the ship. I learned from someone they have the split the train in ½ to load all of the cars onto the ship.Once I was done with these photos, I headed up stairs on the boat where there’s a pleasant observation deck to see where you are. There is a floor above the train for cars to load onto going back to Italy, and on the floor above that there’s a snack bar up there too, and I ate my last arancini. It was good!

Here you see the main land of Italy from the observation deck!

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