Wow, this place is amazing! I was greeted by Nicola, the Director at the school I transferred to. He brought me to the school, where I’m staying. The school is a house that he’s converted into a school. Where there would have been a family room or a living room he’s put in tables and chairs for a classroom. There is a kitchen and 2 bedrooms, and a 3rd bedroom he’s using as an office. It works out very well. I love the fact there’s a patio to use too with furniture! It’s a beautiful place to be, and all within 10 min. of a walk to the beach.

The first day he took me around the town to get me acclimated with it. It is definitely a small town, and it’s exactly what I wanted as a change from the big city life of Catania. I love it! I love the views of the sea too! It is stunning!

The first day I was so happy to be here – I took this photo of my excitement! I was out exploring the beach area and walked on the sand….oh it felt amazing!!! The weather was a little cool for me to try to lay out though.

Unfortunately, the next day I really started to feel sick.  I think the stress of everything added up an resulted in getting sick.  I’ve had a cold all week, and haven’t felt like doing much of anything, let alone getting out on the beach in breezy weather to lay in the sun. I’m hoping next week? I’m going to keep my fingers crossed it’ll be warm enough!

Meanwhile I’m acclimating to life here. There isn’t a large grocery store nearby, so I walk to a market to buy random things as needed. It’s really put my Italian language skills to the test! Also, this time of year there are hardly any tourists here so the town is dead. Literally, there’s nothing going on! I was out and about tonight, on a Friday night, and few people were to be seen. Nicola said from Oct. – Mar. it’s pretty boring around here…now I see it. It is beautiful nonetheless, and has provided me a sanctuary to relax in during my last 2 weeks of my time alone in Italy!

This week I spent mostly in bed. I slept 12 hours one day because I was sick, and that was so needed. I’m glad I brought some Nyquil AM and PM capsules with me as they’ve helped me cope through the sickness. I’m feeling much better today. In fact, I’m even feeling better hour by hour!

Saturday I hear there’s a market in town, so I’ll check that out. Nicola asked me to go to dinner with he and some friends on Sat. night, so I’m looking forward to having some interaction. Again, such a different place it is here from SGV or Catania. I’m really glad I’ve had all 3 experiences, as each one has brought something different to me and added to my experience.

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2 Responses to Tropea

  1. Becca says:

    Looks BEAUTIFUL! Glad you’re enjoying….you look happy.

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