Heidi & Todd to the Rescue!

Ajith told me last night that Chris, the person who’s been watching Snickers, called him because her allergies have flared up since she’s had Snickers, who likes to sleep in the sheets on her side of the bed. I think her cat and my cat haven’t quite adjusted to one another either in the time I’ve been away. At this point, it is absolutely best for both cats to separate.

The timing is a little tricky however. Ajith leaves Fri. for Europe, and we didn’t really have a backup plan in this case. Originally, I did have a second person but she’s moving to Copenhagen this week, so that won’t work either! He happened to mention this problem to our friends Heidi and Todd and they offered to take her during the time Ajith’s away. I am soooo grateful to them for offering to help out in this pinch! Ajith will drop her off Thurs. night. I think Snickers will do fine with them. They just bought a home that’s quite large and Snickers will have plenty of places to go. They don’t have any other animals either so she’ll be able to relax. Heidi and Todd have saved the day!

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2 Responses to Heidi & Todd to the Rescue!

  1. Todd Allen says:

    Glad we could help!! 🙂

  2. Yeah, who knew that I would be halfway around the world now, too? Though I now know how to export cats to Europe, in case you ever need to know how 🙂

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