Saturday Night Out

As mentioned, Nicola had invited me to hang out with his friends for dinner Sat. night. I was excited for this opportunity to socialize with others!

Before going out, we had a drink at a local place. I don’t think Bacardi Breezers exist in the US (but then again, I don’t go out much to really know). I’ve heard about this drink, and decided to try it. It was yummy!There was a group of 12 people who met up. It was a delcious dinner with lots of food and drinks! The wine was a house specialty and I realized later was quite strong!There was a typical antipasto served with many types of meat, some olives, some mushrooms, red peppers, and 3 cheeses. There was also some sort of bean soup being passed around. I ordered pasta for my main dish (rather than the mix of grilled meat) and french fries were served with it. There was also a dish going around that had potatoes with green peppers mixed together with red tomato sauce. For dessert, I tried tartufo, which I’ve never had before. It is gelato in a ball, and there are 2 flavors within the ball. The outer layer is chocolate flavored and the inner layer is nocciola (hazelnut), my favorite type of gelato. Inside also there is a chocolate syrup of some sort. Mmmm it was good!After this, they made me try some kind of after dinner drink that you have to take like a shot. I didn’t take it like a shot because I just don’t do that…but yeah…more drinks flowing!

Once we left dinner, we found ourselves at a Karaoke bar. It was very fun. Can you believe it was my first time at a Karaoke bar ever? The atmosphere was quite lively and I had a good time! Here’s a sample:

At some point in the evening, people stopped karaoke-ing (is that a word!?) and it turned into dancing. That was a ton of fun also! Other moments of the night goofing around:

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