She Thinks She’s Sly

Ajith picked up Snickers yesterday and has her back at his place. She recognized his home right away and the first thing she did was try to run to his bedroom where she thought she’d find comfort in getting under the covers. He beat her to it by having the door shut. Her second favorite place is the fireplace mantle. She tried to hide behind his flat screen TV. Isn’t she funny? I miss her!

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2 Responses to She Thinks She’s Sly

  1. Ajith says:

    She now has 2 more favorite spots: 1. Under my bookshelf next to the fireplace and 2. Under my shoe stand in the closet.

    She’s been a very good kitty the first 24 hrs; she’s been eating her food and drinking plenty of water. She even let me pet her for 10 mins yesterday, even though I had to reach under the bookshelf to touch her. She didn’t want to come out from under there. But, when I petted her, she was purring loudly the entire time. I love her!

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