This & That

I have had a very calm day today doing this and that. I finally finished uploading all the photos I have to Facebook (except from Taormina – they’re on a separate memory card and I forget about it). It bugs me not being able to post photos right away but finally I did it. Now I would like to post them to Picasa also, just in case. Yes, I’m OCD.

Ajith and I made the final plans for our trip today (I believe) and we should be all set. Now he’s just got to print off some things to bring with him and we should be all set.

It rained today. 😦 A good day to stay in bed! It appears it’ll be raining the next few days. I will have to do laundry and bring my laundry inside I think to dry. I don’t know what else to do!

I’m really tired tonight. I almost fell asleep when I was Skyping with my mom! I rarely ever feel sleepy in an instant like that. Very odd!

Halloween is this coming weekend and I feel so out of touch on all of the Fall festivities in the U.S. What are your plans for Halloween?

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