Timing is Everything

I realized recently that Ajith and I are going to be starting our European adventure on the same day we ended our cross-country journey 3 years ago to the day just about. We arrived in Seattle Oct. 28 (2008) and he will be flying in Oct. 29 (2011). To be technical, it will still be the 28th in the US when he and I begin our adventure together. Isn’t that weird? Yet again, another thing we couldn’t plan for in life to happen! It’s impeccable to me that it all happened the way it did. Here are some highlights of our trip back then:

Snickers, not having a clue what she was in for during our 9 day trip:We made it just in time to see the Arch before it closed:Kansas: miles and miles of flat roads and wind mills!Lunch at Ruby Tuesdays in Colorado:Hiking in Moab, UT:Roaming through the Redwood Forest of Northern California along Route 1:Exploring in Seattle the first night:What a trip it was! We drove our rented SUV for 9 days through 13 states (North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon, and Washington) – just us, Snickers, and the open road!

Who knew that exactly 3 years later, I’d find myself here?

I love the windy road in life! This is proof that you never know where your journey will take you sometimes!

My philosophy: don’t fight where you are in life, flow with it. The places you go, the people you meet, and the experiences you have make you stronger, make you a better person. I know had I chosen not to travel down some roads in my life I wouldn’t be on this particular ‘detour’ right now. Cheers to traveling down the road less traveled!

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