Goals Accomplished & To Complete

Here is the list of goals I made before coming to Europe so I would remember what exactly was the purpose of my trip. Here are the items I accomplished:

  • I wanted to unplug from life.
  • Getting back to the ‘simple’ life helped me understand what I want in my life once I’m back in the US and what I don’t. It’s sort of my own method for simplifying and filtering. I also do this each season when I go through my clothes to find things that I don’t need or want anymore – same concept.
  • Find my passion again. I realized in the hustle and bustle of life happening, I was denying myself the simple pleasures that gave me the joy from enjoying the things I love to do. The Italian language and culture are some things that make me feel alive, and I hoped it would provide me that zest I was missing.
  • Challenging myself to learn new things, like trying to learn the language in a different capacity other than studying in an Italian class twice a week can give me
  • Understand how to adapt to life elsewhere. I was far too comfortable in the US. I was aware of this and needed a change.
  • To see what it’s like to live in another country. Now I’ll never have to wonder, “What if…?”
  • The need to grow in a different sort of way than I ever have before. I was very ready for a new challenge because I wasn’t being challenged anymore where I was. It is important for me to make myself uncomfortable (by seeking new opportunities) when I feel comfortable. When we are comfortable, I believe that we’ve achieved something, and it’s time to reach higher and do something else. It was time for me to climb to new heights.
  • I wanted and needed to get back in touch with my emotions again. I felt too out of touch with them living where I did living the way I was, and this has allowed me to feel whatever I need/want to and there’s no outside distraction taking me away from feeling whatever I need to. I’ve been working on myself for a while now and this really felt like the right avenue to help me be more true to myself.
  • To be able to reflect (as I am right now) on things that I don’t normally take the time to. Organizing my many thoughts/ideas in a written form (via my blog, for example) is very therapeutic, as I don’t have to hold them in any more. My mind goes a mile a minute all day, every day, and I even wonder how I have as much energy as I do to keep going non-stop without a break. I’ve been called the Energizer Bunny before, and that is true.  My hope for this trip is that I will tune in to when I need to slow down and purge my thoughts on paper along with my feelings.
  • To be truly independent, and do what I wanted to do without worrying about pleasing others.
  • I wanted to be an open book (living my truth) to everyone.
  • I wanted no strings attached to anyone anywhere. I wanted a fresh start; to be open to any and all possibilities that fall into my lap.
  • To rediscover what it means to be in the moment doing whatever I want when I want. I was living each day based upon my calendar (that had hardly any white space) and it was a rat race.
  • Strengthen my intuition by having no distractions so I can be true to myself, and myself only. I’m not being influenced by anyone or anything – what a gift to truly be ‘me.’
  • To become healthier and listen more to my body’s needs. I figured if I had more time to devote to cooking healthy food (that I really want to eat), I would feel better and lose weight. I wanted to be more active too, and have a more regular sleep schedule that helps me stay on track.

Things I didn’t accomplish (yet) or didn’t do a good job doing while I was away:

  • Putting the time and energy into organizing myself so I am as prepared as possible for an even more successful business than I already have. I planned to work on updating my website, develop and send out a survey to my clients so I can best meet their needs in the future, update pamphlets, put together a nice PPT presentation for the classes I intend to teach, etc. All of these things have been put on the back burner and I want to take the bull by its horns.
  • Catch up on things I never made the time for but that are important to me. I want to respond to e-mails in a timely manner, write letters to my friend Malcolm, read, post pictures to my online albums, organize my computer files the way I want, etc. Catch up on all the misc. things I never make time to do.
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2 Responses to Goals Accomplished & To Complete

  1. Cara Melissa, grazie per la tua sincerita, si e’ venuto fuori che anche io ho realizzato tante cose nuove!!!:))) Piu’ importante e’ che ho avuto il viaggio lungo da sola lontano dalla casa mia e l’ho sopravisuto!!!! Grazie da nuovo!!!

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