Seeing is Believing

Yeah…that’s all I’ve got to say after what I saw tonight! I am amazed…

I was on Skype with my friend Shannon from NC tonight. We haven’t talked in a while, and our conversations always last for hours. She is married and her husband Jeff went upstairs to bed shortly after we got started talking, which was fine so we could just have talk time.

About an hour and a half into our conversation, Shannon readjusted herself (as she’s almost 9 months pregnant!) and was lying down on the couch in her living room getting comfy. The only lights on were there in her living room. The kitchen is behind her, and it was dark…but the light from the living room was dimly shining into the kitchen. During our conversation, I noticed someone in the kitchen behind her, which naturally I thought was Jeff. I saw the shadow of a man approach the kitchen and I could tell his back was to me, and it seemed like he was messing around in the kitchen getting water or something. Then I saw the figure move toward the sliding glass door in the kitchen (in other words, away from where it came from) and walk toward her in the living room. Then I realized it wasn’t Jeff!

In fact, it wasn’t even a physical person! It was an outline of a man, and I could see him approaching her from behind. I (yes, I) was a bit freaked out right then. She could see the reaction on my face, and knew I was seeing something because I paused what I was saying…I suck at multi-tasking. Then I said, “Do you see that!?” and at that point, as the shadow figure approached, it was like he pulled up a chair behind her (that I couldn’t see), sat down, and I saw very faint white smoke appear and it came from 4 corners to form a HUMAN FACE behind her left shoulder. I could see a man’s distinct face form – it was whitish, see through (I could see her kitchen table and chairs through him) and got a 2 second look at him, long enough to see his hairline and that he had facial hair that went around the edge of his face. It looked like this, minus the goatee (just thin sideburns that led into a thin line of facial hair that outlined the face):

His hair was lighter colored (like the 2nd image). When I saw him, I could see he was a young guy in his 30’s, absolutely in Spirit form, and he reminded me of Jay, Shannon’s former boyfriend who had been killed in a horrible motorcycle accident ~4 – 5 years ago. I have no idea if it really was him in that short moment I saw this spirit, but reminded me a lot of him. I’ve connected with him in the past, but it’s been a long while since I’d seen him.

By the time I got around to telling Shannon “Look in your Skype window behind your left shoulder” the image literally, in front of my eyes, dissipated as this man’s head pulled away from behind her head, and it faded into a whitish smoke that also disappeared! I realized Shannon froze with fear (as did I, for a moment)…and I told her it wasn’t anything to be scared of. She was able to see in the Skype window where her image was that the area behind her was moving (though it appeared pixelated) as if we could see energy moving. We BOTH could see it.

I’ve never seen energy move before in this manner on Skype. It was colored pixels as it moved, and though she was holding the computer completely still on her lap, we both could see movement of some sort in the background. CRAZY COOL!

Then…I started to see the outline of a person take shape though we could see the outline of their body appear. She and I could see a face, specifically the outline of the spirit’s eyes. Details weren’t clear – but it was obvious we could both see the spirit’s eyes and we could see him blinking. It was like we saw the eye sockets on someone’s face, and though we couldn’t see the specific color of its eyes, we could tell his eyes were blinking. Within a few seconds, that image also went away. We went on talking for a while, both being observant of the background, which kept having a moving, pixelated look. The very last thing we saw was the image of a man’s side profile standing near her back door. I could make out he was standing with his left side facing us, and I could see his arm resting at his side. I could only see his body and his arm…nothing more. She saw it too. Then, it went away and it was back to the pixelated look of energy moving that remained in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, we were both thinking this was cool that we both could see this stuff on Skype…and then in the living room where I was sitting in my parents’ home on the computer, I saw a shadow go by me in the hallway! I have seen this sort of movement before (though it’s been a long while) and it didn’t scare me.

I am ABSOLUTELY AMAZED that I saw a spirit tonight with such clarity! I’m amazed how he came to show himself, and disappear in to thin air in the blink of an eye.

One of my ‘dreams’ has been to develop my clairvoyance, the ability to see things, with my eyes open. I am writing about this to put my intention out there to the Universe. Hear me loud and clear – I WANT to be able to see the physical images of passed-on loved ones (and anything else that is for my highest and best) to see as appropriate.

I am so thankful for the abilities I already possess – and want more of this to develop. Thank you to those who were responsible for allowing this spirit to come through in a very obvious, clear manner without freaking me out completely. I’m opening the door for them to come to me in an obvious way like this when it’s in my highest and best to be able to do something with the information, like when I’m connecting with people close to me or with clients. I was able to see this person on the other side, and convey he was there with such detail. I found it fascinating, exciting, and a bit scary (only because it was unexpected). Moving forward I welcome this to happen as I know it will benefit myself and others. I’ll keep you posted on how it develops. 🙂

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2 Responses to Seeing is Believing

  1. Stefani says:

    Wow, that is incredible! How amazing that Shannon was able to see it all too!!! Was she scared? Did she try to look behind her and see if she saw anything in person? Or was it only visible to her by means of the computer screen on Skype?? Must be very exciting for you!! Good luck developing this further!!

  2. Simply obvious signs of your spiritual progress and centeredness in LOVE! Keep us posted on further developments…it’s all very exciting! ❤ !!!

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