In Search of Home

For a long while, I’ve really been feeling like Seattle isn’t my final destination to  set up the life I’m really looking to live. I’ve been there now for 3 1/2 years, long enough to know this. I sort of made a decision last year that I’d be leaving Seattle but wasn’t sure where to (I had the opportunity to potentially return to Italy to work during tourist season or I could go back to NC).  I did a lot of work trying to figure out what suited me best, and I decided NC was where I wanted to return back to.

Some things happened along the way to make me want to put that dream on the back burner for a bit like the birth of my new niece Emily (born Feb. 9, 2012), her baptism in June (which my family is coming out from NY for) and doing a cross-country journey with Ajith that would coincide with his vacation schedule. I need my business in NC to pick up more before I feel comfortable making the move.

Therefore, I’ve decided in mid-July I’ll be returning to Raleigh!!!!! I love the area, the weather, the Southern charm and I am completely at “home” being there.

I decided to come for a visit (and am in Raleigh now) for two weeks. My best friend Stefani has sold her town home, and is getting ready to move into a new home. Luckily, just today, the offer she and her husband Bryan put in was ACCEPTED and their dreams are starting to come true!!!! They married last year, are expecting their first baby in September, and are moving into their dream home. I’m super excited to be here during all the fun! We are going to start packing up her town house now in preparation for a (hopefully) quick move next week. In the midst of it, we’ll squeeze in some for the Outer Banks, of course!The past 3 days have been busy! We hunted for apartments and looked at homes for Stefani and Bryan – all with great results. Today Stefani and Bryan’s offer was accepted, and today I also found an apartment that I’m reserving for July!

It’s an apartment complex technically in Raleigh, though it’s across the street from Cary. It’s in a great location – less than 5 minutes to Cary Crossroads, a large shopping center and is very convenient to the highway. This seemed to have one of the most friendly layouts I found. Things that were important to me in an apartment were:

  • Good amount of natural light (Seattle’s killed my soul in that department!)
  • A patio/balcony
  • Built in computer desk
  • Storage space
  • A conference room in the club house to do readings
  • 1st floor access (I learned last time I lived in NC that 3rd floor is horrible, especially carrying groceries in the heat!)
  • More space than I’ve had in my Seattle apartments
  • Clean/fresh looking and sort of open feeling

Many of the apartments here are newer, and have very nice amenities. I was able to find an apartment with a nice layout with most of these requirements.

When you first walk in, you see the living room. There is a coat closet to the right not pictured. As you can see, it has a built in computer desk – awesome! Looking to the left more, you can see more of the living room:Next I stood at this window and turned around so you could see the living room from another angle looking toward the kitchen.Moving to where the computer desk is, you can see more of the kitchen and where the bathroom is in the background. The kitchen has a lot of cabinet space, and has a pantry. There’s a washer/dryer hook up (it isn’t included) as well as lots of indoor storage space in the same area. VERY cool!Next I went into the bathroom and took a quick photo. TWO sinks!? Ok…I guess I’ll get spoiled with a large vanity area, too!Very nice sized bedroom including a ceiling fan. 🙂Typical of NC is to have huge walk-in closets. This place has a ton of shelving and it’s awesome! REALLY looking forward to that again! It ends up being more of a storage area than anything because I don’t have that many clothes or shoes, but it’s wonderful!The patio is gorgeous! It’s a wrap around which provides a lot of space for being outside.The actual unit I’ll get is right next door to this model – it’s the same layout and everything, just flipped opposite. It’ll be on the first floor, also, and the view I’ll have is of the pool area. Look at those Carolina Blue skies!!!! Just gorgeous!

I searched for a number of places, but this place seemed to best match most of what I was looking for.  All apartments I checked did not have a conference room where people could have meetings, which means I will need to look for office space for my business. I’ll get on that soon. Otherwise, this place seems like it’ll be a great fit for now! I’m very excited!!!!

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6 Responses to In Search of Home

  1. Ajith says:

    Hey, this place is nice! I like it! I miss having pools in the apartment complex. When I lived in Morrisville, we had one and it was a god-send in the summers. Love the layout of your apartment, the built in computer nook, the dining area and the big bedroom. Lots of sunshine too! I’m jealous of all the blue skies and sunshine, sad to see you leave and yet, very happy for you:-)

  2. Jenni says:

    Love it! Looks like it fits the bill for most everything you wanted. I’m glad you were able to find something you liked and will be available in July. I’m sure Snicklidoos will like it too 🙂

  3. Susan says:

    Looks awesome! So happy you found something that will work for you!!

  4. Melissa says:

    Thanks, guys! I think I’ll enjoy living there too!

  5. Grazyna says:

    Salve cara mia:) Questo apartamento è in altro modo che a Catania:)))

    • Melissa says:

      Hahaha – siiii….quest’appartamento e’ molto meglio! L’altro era uno scherzo, giusto!?! Non potevo credere che schifo che era. Mi sono sentito sollevato dopo la mia partenza. In luglio, abitero’ qui! 🙂

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