Setting Up and Settling In

By no means was this an easy task – it took 2 weeks past my arrival date in NC for my things to arrive. I was given a range of when my things would show up, and they came at the end of that range. Luckily I lived with Stefani and Bryan during that time.

I was so relieved when the truck came!
All my stuff came (which was a miracle) and only a few things were damaged. My wicker end table has a gouge in it, my jewelry chest lost a screw and the back of it was loose, my bike seat was ripped, and one of my nightstands completely fell apart. Considering the miles that stuff traveled, I don’t think that’s too bad.

I was SO EXCITED to see my stuff again!! It’d been a year since I’d seen it. Talk about one grateful girl…

Here is my place today, all settled in:

When you first walk in, this is what you see:
I LOVE all the natural light! I was deprived in Seattle, so now I’m making up for it. 🙂

Living room (on your right upon entering – though I was standing by the built in computer desk taking this to give you the idea):




I’ve really enjoyed settling in – this is the most space I’ve ever had an it’s perfect (more than enough) for what I need. Also not pictured is the storage space indoors where I have the washer/dryer and all the boxes I’ll use again sometime when I move.

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One Response to Setting Up and Settling In

  1. Stefani says:

    Looks fantastic! You’ve really set it up so nicely! And it’s true all your natural sunlight you get in there is so wonderful!

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