Office Space

Last year when I moved back to Raleigh, I wasn’t sure how my business was going to go. I told myself I’d give it one year before making any big decisions, like getting office space. In this year, the demand has been more than I could’ve imagined and I keep busy with business daily. 🙂 Success! Back a couple months ago I decided it was a wise choice to start working away from home, and it was a matter of finding the right space.  On the one year anniversary date of coming back into town, I found that perfect spot in an old, historic home in downtown Raleigh! HouseI just began working there this week, and just put the finishing touches on the space. When you first walk in through the doorway, you see this: Office1I LOVE all the windows and natural light!! After living in the Pacific Northwest, I value sunshine a LOT!

I have my own private entrance, too. I’m standing at the doorway of that entrance so you can see the room from another perspective:Office2I love the art. It is a print from a local photographer. I found a great deal to get it put on canvas. It was a good choice!

Standing now from the corner of the couch (looking toward the entry way):Office3I was excited to find a storage chest too that’s truly an ottoman. I can store supplies in there, and yet it fits in well.

So far I’m excited to be working away from home. It’s fun to put together this space. Another dream has come true! 🙂 When we focus our energy toward creating what we want, it truly is delivered.

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2 Responses to Office Space

  1. Marianne says:

    Congratulations! Wonderful space! Happy to hear everything is going well!

  2. sweetveg says:

    Yay! Thank you for sharing. I love the photo of the leaves. Your space looks lovely.

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