Expect the Unexpected

As I’ve expressed earlier, my intuition has been calling me to go to Boston. I went there 3 weeks ago with  my sister to pick out a place to live. What a fiasco that was! In short, I am moving there May 1 (rather than my original plan of April 1).

My current apartment complex already rented my apartment out so I couldn’t extend my lease here, so I have a gap in housing for a month. I’m going to put my stuff in storage in NC and go live with my parents for a month. I’ll move to Boston after, and have all my stuff shipped there. I have a good friend I can count on to help with making sure all is loaded up on the national moving company’s truck, so I think it’ll all be okay.

Meanwhile, I had a flood in my apartment last weekend forcing me to go through my storage closet. I’d been avoiding it for far too long! Luckily none of my things were damaged, and I’m going through my stuff. I think it was a sign to just embrace things as they are and go with the flow.


In another lifetime (nearly 8 years ago) I was teaching 2nd grade, and I’m finally ready to part with all my stuff. I looked over it one last time tonight. I thought I wanted to keep some of it and I actually do not at all. I am going to give it to former colleagues at the school I used to work at. It’ll feel good to be free of all this stuff! It’s about 6 big heavy boxes worth!

I have much more to go through to be free of “stuff,” but it’ll be nice to get rid of things. I am a minimalist at heart anyway so this is only helping me further achieve that goal of not owning a lot of excess.


The countdown is on now…30 days left in NC!

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