Letting Go & Releasing

The other day, I woke up simply knowing that I had gotten what I needed from my nose piercing. It represented self-empowerment and allowing more feminine energy into me, and I have a strong awareness of both things now. I knew that I no longer needed the little diamond stud in my nose to help remind me to shine brightly – I do this on my own now without the physical reminder.Shine on

It was starting to feel uncomfortable in my nose, too. Weird, right?

I read this Facebook post from Robin, the psychic I enjoy working with a lot. She put everything into perspective for me:

“When I turned 50 in January over 2 years ago I had my nose pierced. I did it to mark off a milestone in my life I thought I would never reach. Sort of like when a woman has a break up she cuts off or changes her hair color.
I choose a delicate custom 14 kt gold Blue Topaz post. The guy who did it told me I was his 1st badass Pastor piercing. I never asked how to change it or take it out. When I tried it just wouldn’t budge. Today I was so busy releasing energy it came out easily! I guess the message is…..when the time is right, and you are really ready to release something….other “things” might be removed in the process.

I have been doing a LOT of work to release layers that kept me safe, protected, and stuck. This is yet another confirmation that I am progressing along my path and shedding old patterns/ways.

I went back to Dogstar Tattoo tonight to have them safely remove my stud. It now feels weird without it, actually, though I am happy being back in my natural state of being.au natural

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One Response to Letting Go & Releasing

  1. Melissa says:

    …that lasted a few days. Tonight after I had a counseling session, I had this urge to put it back in. I did…now my nose is sore, but I feel ‘better’ for now. It’s weird – this is like a little clutch to me. Regarding what I discussed in counseling, it makes sense right now that I need something to provide me with comfort. Who knew some little, teeny, tiny stud was my clutch?

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