I’m Home!!!

This weekend has been transformational and finally feel the shift energetically I’ve been needing to feel for a few weeks.

I began going to meetup groups and they help me with self-growth, discovery, and finding connections. Saturday I attended a Spiritual meetup which was eye opening for me, and last night I went to an Italian language group in Little Italy. OMG I am in heaven!

As a treat (that brings me back to a special time Ajith and I shared these every morning in Italy) I enjoyed due cappuccini (2 cappuccinos).cappuccino

I didn’t get much sleep last night! I think I was high on life feeling the excitement of being where I know I’m supposed to be. I’m meeting the right people, am in the right situations, at the right time. Life feels great and I am happy! My energy is starting to balance out and I’m excited to see what’s next. 🙂

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