The Importance of Where You Are and Where You’ve Been

I love getting to know new people because I learn so much about them, but also it helps me to see things about myself in that they mirror.  I had an important lesson reflected back in my face again the other night while spending time with my new “friend.” He’s a great guy based on what I can tell so far. He’s spiritual, very family oriented, educated, helps run his family’s business, and is extremely creative. I didn’t quite understand how much so until recently.

He told me he creates songs, plays in a band, etc. and when I asked what his goals were with his ‘creating music’ his response was that he’d like to have a well-known hit. Ok, cool…I didn’t realize to the extent that he’s into all this until we kept going further.

Without disclosing much to protect his identity, he’s a local artist indeed, but goes on tour and has played with or opened for other well known artists. He’s also had his music featured in many TV shows and tours in some big places around the US! Talk about being impressed!?! Not to mention, he’s so humble and basically built himself from nothing. Anyone reading this would think that’s really cool and that he’s quite successful, right? In his eyes, he still wants more (!). I get it…we all want more, but he seems to have forgotten something quite critical:

Give yourself credit for where you’ve been so you have a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction while enjoying the moment. Let the joy you feel be the fuel to move forward, a few steps at a time.

I relate to him a ton – he was just a normal guy who got turned on to a spiritual way of life after a sports injury. He’s using his spiritual connection to create music and turn his passion into a career. Sometimes it takes life transforming things to open you up to new things…that’s how it was for me and the passing of my grandfather to open me up to God and the Universe. Never 10 years ago would I have believed someone if they told me I’d be a successful full-time psychic!

Along the way I’ve taken major risks, made even bigger strides, and I do it sometimes flawlessly because I only take a few steps at a time, rather than planning so far in advance that I feel defeated before I start. Sure, we all want more, but I’m grateful for where I am. In my opinion that helps give us more momentum to keep going for more because it keeps one balanced. He is rushing to get to the top and is getting frustrated…and I see why. I invited him to consider recognizing the steps he’s taken and the accomplishments he’s made so maybe things will shift. He’s obviously got talent and a major passion – nothing is worse than when you block yourself though because you feel you’re lacking and you end up pushing too hard. He is creating and living out his dreams – I hope he allows the space for them to divinely happen.

With that in mind, I need to take the time to reflect upon what I’ve done well and what goals I want to continue to reach for regarding my passion/business. I’ll certainly begin with the glass 1/2 full though! 🙂


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