Teenage Dream – Check!

I feel silly writing about this, but it’s just for fun! My best friend growing up can especially appreciate it.

Back in 8th Grade Italian class, we used this book that had a character named “Renzo” in it. Since then the name has been sort of an inside joke between us. We’ve always had fun with it.


I had to laugh when on an online dating app recently when I came across a guy named Renzo! I took a screen shot and sent it to my best friend immediately, letting her know, “Renzo really does exist!”

I was even MORE excited to actually go out on a date with him! He is very nice, handsome, and has a lot going for him. Ironically, he’s from Peru but has an Italian mom (hence, the Italian name).  Though we had a nice night out together but won’t be moving forward. Regardless, RENZO is now checked off the list! LOL

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