Feeling This Moment!

great-day-square1My day began with this quote in my inbox:

Always, Melissa, when you just don’t know what you want, want happiness; and when you just don’t know what to do, do anything.

You can start today,
    The Universe

This started it all off right! I am excited to say today was THE BEST day I’ve had in months, if not in over a year! I’ll explain…

  • I had the most fantastic day working with clients. I had some “favorites” on my schedule as well as new clients who were referred to me. They each brought something unique to the table and I walked away knowing I kicked ass helping them, and the inner joy and personal power from being on top of my game was SKY HIGH. I felt like I was standing on top of the world! Truly, it made me feel a little ungrounded but in a positive way. I felt like a little girl with so much excitement and happiness built up I didn’t know how to handle it. Who can’t handle a little JOY in their life!?tinashe-on-instagram-2
  • The last client I read for was so inspiring to me – she too was experiencing so much joy and through feeling her joy, it enhanced mine. 🙂 Times like this is GREAT to be an empath and feel what others feel!img_9377
  • This same client recently got back from vacation in Italy. When I asked her what her favorite part was, I started to cry as she commented how connected and tight-knit the community there is, and how impressive and loving it is. That is SO true! She also commented how she ate her way through Italy, and took the advice I gave her to simply use her nose to smell her way to the best restaurants that are often hidden little gems. 🙂

This little chat was the icing on the cake for me…(haha, see below!)

About a week ago, one of my “friends” I met while I lived in Italy got married. He posted a million pictures and some videos of the big event, and let me say, his family spared no expense for this wedding (clearly!). Who has ever had a cake as tall as themselves!?!manuel 2ManuelSeeing the pictures and videos and all the people I got to know in the short time I spent in Tropea made me miss it – A LOT. They know how to have FUN, that’s for sure! This sparked up something big inside me actually, and made me think about wanting to go back to Italy. At first I thought I was crazy to think about taking 2 international trips within a short time of each other.

Spoiler alert: I am going to Ireland in July, I haven’t blogged about that yet! That’s a whole other dream coming true!  🙂

I knew I was probably getting caught up in the possibility (maybe not the reality), so I told myself I’d sit on this feeling for a few days before giving any serious thought to it. Well, over the last week I’ve had dreams about it in my sleep, and I’ve been chatting with a friend in Italy who is trying to convince me to come back and enjoy some time there. Then with my client sharing what she did…it brought up emotions I haven’t felt in a while. The best synchronicity: when my client and I were on our phone appointment, a man walked by her in the park who was speaking Italian! Haha.

A little bit later, my Spirit Guides popped this song into my head, which I started laughing/crying/getting goosebumps as I listened to the words of “I Just Wanna Feel This Moment.”

Between my feelings of being drawn to Italy and my client’s observations and descriptions, I felt like I was feeling and living in the magic and needed to keep the energy alive. I chose to spend the night in the North End of Boston to soak up the Italian(-American) culture and indulge in the little delicacies of Italy.

On my walk over there, I started to cry upon running into this sign:Indulge in Every Experience

It reminded me of 5 years ago. A few days before I left the US, I ran into this sign going to my hair appointment.what's your dream It struck me in such a way to confirm as a sign I was in the right place at the right time doing what was best for my path. Here I was again tonight, and this other sign was clearly in my path. 🙂

So…as crazy as it seems, I may be returning back to Italy in the fall. It’s craaaazzzy it’s been nearly 5 years since that dream came to fruition. I’m sure there’s more that will unfold about this one if it’s meant to happen. Meanwhile, I’ll sit back and respect the flow of the energy and follow wherever my heart takes me, as it always leads the way. flow


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