Ireland July 2016

I am MAJORLY playing catch up tonight posting this…from July!

Last winter I was very guided from Spirit to travel to Ireland, though I didn’t know why. Many signs/symbols began popping up about it, and soon after I realized it was because I was meant to take a class from one of the top mediums in my field, named Tony Stockwell (shown below). He was offering a class in Ireland for the first time ever! In short, I had to overcome various obstacles to get there but the Universe did not disappoint! I learned a ton, and connected with a lot of other very gifted mediums, and got to know Tony on a more personal level. A huge thanks to my connection with John Holland for helping me work this one out!Tony Stockwell

I had a fantastic two week vacation touring the country by myself (and yes, driving on the OTHER side of the road on the OTHER side of the car). I am still amazed I didn’t have an accident or die from anxiety. 😉 The roads were SO narrow!

This picture was the day I returned the rental – can I tell you how relieved I felt?car

Some of the highlights included:

Seeing the Cliffs of Moher:Moher

I Kissed the Blarney Stone!Blarney Stone

Wait, you are confused!? THAT is the Blarney Stone, you are asking yourself…? Um….yeah. My thoughts exactly. You have to climb to the top of the Blarney Castle. It’s hard to describe, but you see I had to lay on my back on this rubber mat, and someone helped guide me to slide back enough (but not too much!) so I could reach up and kiss the Blarney Stone, which is hidden from plain site! It’s kinda gimmicky and I do not understand why this is so important! But…I did it! 🙂

I saw Castles!
This place felt like it was from a fairy tale. fairy tale

Image may contain: 1 person, sky, outdoor and closeup

***Note: it looks cold, because it was. It was July, but I was wearing a winter scaft, at times a hat, and winter gloves. It is damp and bone chilling. Brrrr!

I Saw a Stone Circle:
Apparently these are mysterious ‘ruins’ with a spiritual connotation. I was intrigued, and drove to one. I didn’t really intuit much while there, but it was windy and cold getting in the way of my focus. Cool to see though!

I traveled to Ulster (a.k.a. Northern Ireland).
I remember learning about it in 8th grade, thinking that was a ‘funny’ name for a place. Indeed it’s used still, and Northern Ireland is no joke. As soon as you cross the border it just feels ‘different.’ It looks different, too. Notice the paved line of pavement!ulster

I arrived, and was shocked to not be able to understand nearly a word anyone was speaking, though it was English. All I understood from my hostess of the B&B was that there was some kind of parade going on and that was about it. Here you’ll find a video of my cab driver speaking in a Northern Ireland accent – you really have to listen to what he says! I am asking him about his opinion about July 12th, Independence Day.

After dinner, I walked around the city of Londonderry for a bit when I noticed a LOT of police starting to line the streets. Of course, I felt nervous, but then heard and saw a parade coming down the street, so I figured the protection was for those marching. This was the most bizarre parade ever – few men marching, few people on the streets watching, and it was very short and sweet. Once they passed, the police disappeared and followed the parade. I thought it was strange, but was too tired to care and went to the B&B to sleep.

What I did not know was that it was their Independence Day from the Republic of Ireland. In past years, this parade consisted of the Orangemen (those supporting Northern Ireland) marching and any supporters of Ireland (wearing green) would often throw bombs at the Orangemen, amongst other things. Luckily for me, I found out this has been a peaceful parade for the last 2 years prior…but I was seriously in danger, and didn’t know it! YIKES!!!!ulster

The other reason I wanted to go to Northern Ireland was to check out the Titanic museum. OMG it was one of the coolest places I’ve ever been! I loved it! It’s a must-see if you ever go.

I’m glad I did go, but needless to say, I couldn’t get out of Northern Ireland fast enough. I know enough to listen to my intuition, and I did not feel comfortable there WHATSOEVER.

I Met an Italian Cousin in Ireland
Another HUGE highlight (and somewhat unbelievable) was meeting an Italian cousin of mine, yes, in Ireland! Years ago I tried to connect with Italian relatives in town of Grotte where my great-grandfather came from. I sent friend requests to many people with my mom’s maiden name from that town…and I wrote them also letting them know who I was. I have remained Facebook friends with them. So…when I checked into a place on Facebook, my ‘cousin’ Sabrina got in touch, explaining she lives in Galway and is an au-pair, trying to improve her English. We actually met, and I was in shock. HOW could this crazy thing ever happen!?! sabrina

I knew this was a sign of divine intervention that I would go to Italy (considering I had nudges anyway) to continue the journey of finding my family.

They have the BEST food ever! I was eating meat and potatoes (and more potatoes!) on this trip…it was absolutely delicious though. The highlight was the music every night! It was so jolly and rich, and brought people together. I feel like I even learned some traditional Irish songs, too, just by going around to pubs every night. This was the highlight of my trip EVERY day!

My favorite pub by far was in Trim, which was my last stop in Ireland. James Griffin Pub is AWESOME!

I was able to check off “Drink a (gluten-free) beer” in Ireland off my list, too!

This was one of my FAVORITE vacations ever – the people are beyond friendly, and the rolling hills are just beautiful and sooooo

Though I’m not Irish, I appreciate all that this country offers. I will return, some day 😉

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