Unicorn Apartment

Unicorns DO exist. Do you believe it?
In January 2016, the manager of my apartment building was replaced by a new guy, Sean. The old manager, Deborah, certainly was a tough cookie and also very challenged by technology. Upon arriving to my (very small) apartment in May 2015, I asked to be put on a list to upgrade to a different unit when one came available. I knew my name was on this list but there were others in line before me.
When I got wind that Deborah left, I immediately made acquaintance with Sean, and asked him about this list. As I suspected, he could not locate Deborah’s list, so he started his own list. I was thrilled because my name was AT THE TOP! I knew when an apartment would come open I’d be notified right away.
By February, Sean got in touch that a unit down the hall from me was coming available in April. I took a look, and FELL.IN.LOVE!!!
To skip some details and a lot of stress I endured, I was given the apartment! I was able to move in April 1.
You can see why I was in LOVE! Here are some photos of my space once it was decorated and set up:
I was blown away by this – it is literally the best apartment in the building, probably the neighborhood. It is on the 18th floor (the penthouse), a corner unit, and has the most desirable views of the city. At the time I moved in I told myself that something pretty life changing would have to happen to ever make me move from that space – it truly felt like a home instead of a box. 🙂
Just look at the sunset from the rooftop? This is the view I see from my windows, too! WOW!unnamed (1)17880599_10100706468034693_7900870194266475408_o
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