After Sicily, I planned to go back to Tropea to see the people I enjoyed 5 years prior, and where I felt at home. It was clear to me in Boston things weren’t still jiving, and it worried me. My plan was to simply spend time in Italian class, go to the beach, and relax, which is what I did.


I ate really well, too! Hahaha. This was a typical breakfast for me. The cornetti here are so yummy! My favorite one is filled with Nutella.19389816_10212541501185113_376722941_n

Spaghetti aglio, olio, e peperoncino…and an aperol spritz!


I decided to get my hair done while I was there too. I knew one of the hairdressers who is super creative and I appreciate that about him. I decided to go there. My hair was colored beautifully and the style was pretty too! Too bad I can’t replicate this at home…

Lots of fun with friends again, too! I didn’t take too many pictures unfortunately, but there were lots of good laughs! 20196808_10212541500825104_1559931444_n

One of my favorite moments: Click here

A favorite local spot I enjoyed going to almost daily is Acquamarina Beach – I love the colors of this place! It’s a beautiful spot to enjoy the sunsets every day.

The best part: I woke up in a state of PURE JOY every day!!!! I didn’t even have to get up out of bed, and I awoke with a smile on my face! This was a feeling of happiness, joy, and love I hadn’t felt in years.

One night, I went out with an American woman named Josephine who was living in Tropea for about a year. I was very curious about the life there, because my friend Nicola asked me simply why couldn’t I just stay (considering I was so happy)? I told him not to ask me again, because it felt way too tempting to stay. 😉

During dinner with Josephine, she told me about what it’s like to date an Italian, and she told me how it was a lovely place to come to heal and fall in love. At that moment, we were in a wood fired pizzeria, and I suddenly smelled what smelled like a dozen ROSES under my NOSE!!!! I was baffled. Of course I asked her, and she did not smell anything other than the fire baking pizzas. 

Later on, she mentioned something else regarding finding love and I smelled roses – again. I was aware this was Spirit speaking directly to me. There was no way I could make this up if I tried!

With all this in mind, I really felt drawn to want to spend an extended period of time in Tropea. I knew it was much simpler and the fact I woke up happy daily said something. Why did I struggle with this at home? The vibration is much different…it’s just something you cannot replicate, I learned.

In all, I had a fantastic time in Tropea for the second time. I felt my time was short, but I did enjoy the free time to just “be” and soak it up. It gave me LOTS to think about…

The entire trip, I couldn’t help but think about the fact that my mom and grandpa would just absolutely DIE hearing about all the adventures I was undertaking, and was hoping (but truly knowing) they were there with me every step of the trip, even though I never received any signs from them.

Upon returning to my dad’s house, I opened my luggage to get into my pajamas after 24 long hours of travel. I was stunned to find this when I opened my luggage!20270041_10212541502585148_84260462_n

My mom leaves us quarters, my grandpa leaves us dimes. They were letting me know they were indeed with me and knew everything. 🙂


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