Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie

My lease was up for renewal come Feb. 1 and I was dreading it. I loved this apartment, but was up in the air about life.

One night I had one of the most meaningful conversations with a good friend. He asked me something so simple:

“Would you rather have a unicorn apartment or a unicorn life?”Unicorn2

Wow, truth had never been spoken so clearly. I am so grateful for our connection that night!

I gave my notice on my apartment, and let me say it was a shock to Sean, the apartment manager that I was giving up my space. He could see I had reservations and asked me if I really wanted to do it. I did, but it was a struggle.

It is my little oasis apartment, (as my best friend calls it) and it provided me a space to just “be” as I needed throughout the winter while I processed all my thoughts and feelings. I loved the safe haven it brought me in the middle of the crazy city. The views were spectacular. But I didn’t care anything about it anymore.

Jumping ahead a bit, when I finally “let go” of the worry of do I stay or go, that’s when I started to feel like I had friends in Boston. I met some girls and I seemed to have been hitting it off well with them.

I hosted Easter brunch at my place and told my best friend that finally my home was filled with people the way I’ve always wanted. I felt so high on life that day!IMG_0772

I enjoyed hosting a rooftop deck event one night with friends to enjoy the sunset. THIS was the kind of life I was missing having, and I’m glad I got a taste of it before I left.IMG_9240

In the end, I realized that my “friends” in Boston really weren’t what I thought they were after all. I had a going away get-together two nights in a row (figuring some could come to both, or just to one). Some girls I thought were friends had come out on Friday but never really said goodbye to me, knowing we’d see each other Saturday. They never ended up coming on Saturday after all. They chose to stay where they wanted and actually asked me to change the venue to where they were! NO…it was my last night in Boston!!!?!?! It showed me everything I needed to see. At least I enjoyed the last bit of time in Boston I had with them. Nobody has kept in touch with me since, or asked how I am, or anything. The writing on the wall is clear – there was a time and place for that ‘friendship.’

It meant a lot to me though to see who did show up. I met Pardees and Amanda through a friend of mine from NC, who used to live in MA. They are tons of fun! Another girl I met through networking also came, which was very nice. This really showed me that I’m in a space in my life to only give to those who want to give to me as I would for them. Here are some pictures from our outing together. 🙂

This is from the rooftop deck of my apartment – savoring it one last night!Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, sky, sunglasses, skyscraper, selfie, outdoor and closeup

This was in Quincy Market. I have always loved those lights!Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, outdoor

My last day in the unicorn apartment, I made this video so I could always remember what I had.

It is something…and it’s a chapter I was grateful to close. I felt so light handing the keys over knowing it was a done deal.

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