Tesoro e Stellina

I’ve continued to see the guy I met in July through mutual friends. His name is Ivan, and he lives about an hour and a half from here in Reggio di Calabria. He has captivated my interest as he’s different than anyone I’ve dated before. It’s clear he is showing outwardly how he cares for me, and of course, I love this.

Every time we see each other, he brings me lunch! I’m not just talking sandwiches – it’s like a full Italian meal of pasta/sauce, salad, some sort of side dish, and fruit. He comes fully prepared with plastic plates, utensils, cups, napkins, and drinks. How SWEET is that!? I love that his Italian mama helps him make a good impression – it’s working! 🙂 I know this might sound weird to most that his mom would do this, but it’s the Italian culture. Everyone lives at home with their family til they marry. Considering I don’t have my mom anymore, I appreciate his mom’s efforts in trying to help. It’s sweet.

We haven’t seen each other as much as we’d like due to timing, but we have fun when we do see each other. Recently he started calling me “tesoro” which literally means “treasure” – an endearing Italian term. That impacted me of course because it brings things to a new level in my opinion. ❤ 

We are in contact every day (which is a miracle I understand him over the telephone!) and it’s always in Italian – he does not speak English! He calls me vs. texting, it’s not so much his thing. I appreciate this A LOT because often we lose sight of staying in contact the “old fashioned” way.

I decided to look up endearing terms in Italian because I’ve never had a relationship like this before so I lack the vocabulary on a lot of romantically related things, as you can imagine. I LAUGHED OUT LOUD when I saw the words “stella / stellina” which translate to “star / little star.”

Every day, Ivan sends me a star in our text conversations but I never knew why. Ha!

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